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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Window How-To

 Ok, I'm going to try to answer some questions about this window.
This window was found in an old shed, just laying in the dirt, kind of like you see in the picture.
It has just six panes of original glass. The rest of the window was never found.
All the molding is there, except the bottom. If you look closely, you can see a piece on the right under the glass.

I cleaned all the loose glass in the sink, with gloves on because of my clumsiness. I then vacuumed the wood and remaining glass. Then it was cleaned up with wet rags and windex. Both sides.

Next I glued the whole thing back together. I brushed glue on all the wood! Some of the wood was very brittle and I thought the glue would help add some strength.
I waited several days for my glue applications to dry.

I went to three hardware stores looking for "carved wooden brackets with fancy scrolls". Most of the men just looked at me and then directed me to the metal shelf brackets. Silly men, even I know the difference between metal and wood! Of course I gave them an out saying, "It's probably all in my head", blah blah blah.

But I knew those shelves in my head existed, so I looked for myself at Lowes and what you see is what I imagined. Carved wooden brackets.

I then turned the window over, after days of drying. I very carefully glued and screwed a small piece of plain molding to the back to secure the wooden brackets, marrying the window and bracket.

Three more small pieces of plain molding were used as the shelf on top of the brackets.
I then got my wet brush of chalk paint that I was using in the kitchen (BTW, you can keep a wet paint brush in a Ziplock in the frig while waiting for your first coat of paint to dry. I do this all the time. My family knows not to eat them) and brushed some of the wonderful paint onto it. While still trying to keep the woods character and not painting over the rusted hinge and latch. That helps keep that antique look.
I didn't do as well as Hubby did with the antique spice shelf. But I still like it.

Oh and I added a hanger to hang it on my outside house.

I hope I answered all your questions, if not just ask me.

BUT, there are a couple of you (Donna T and Robin E) that are no comment replies. Apparently I have been sending replies to the moon.
So we are going to fix that. This is what you need to do.
You need to go to your profile and edit your email.
This does not show it to everyone, just who you send a message to.
You need to make sure that you click on "show your email".

If this doesn't make sense, Google "no reply comment blogger". This should help and then I can reply to you personally instead of sending messages to the moon!
I hope to hear from you soon!

Take care Brandie


Anonymous said...

I would love to know where you found the korbals? or brackets. thanks

Robin said...

Hi and thanks for letting me know about the no-reply. I was stunned, because I KNOW I had it set to accept replies. Well, turns out that if you have gone to Google +, it automatically sets you to no-reply and there is no fix except to revert to your Blogger profile, comment and then revert back to Google+. Here, she does a much better job of explaining it. I will see if I can get it to work later. Right now, I'm going in circles and need to get ready for work, LOL. Here is that post:

Robin said...

OH, and I THINK this particular comment should NOT be no-reply. That little bird icon is the one associated with my blogger account, so maybe I just need to sign out and then sign into Blogger each time??????????? Confusion. Please let me know if the reply feature works. And I was thinking of closing this account, so NOW WHAT?! LOL