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Monday, November 5, 2012

Hexagon 1-9

 Since I'm between projects, I thought I should dust off my BOW hexagon project.
I pulled out my red and white scraps and finished up nine whole hexies! Amazing, no?
There is a hexie every week till the end of the year. Yes I started later than everyone else, but I've still been procrastinating.
If I make a couple every week, I should catch up soon enough. Then the problem of placement and how to attach them comes into play. That is worrying me even now. How are they going together? Because I don't like them butted up to each other like this. I'm also worried that I've done them wrong. Should I have made them more with the same fabrics? Should I alternate between dark and light? Are my colors boring? Is this going to work, or am I making an ugly quilt that I'll later donate to the needy?

Inquiring quilter wants to know now!
I guess I should "Google" Hexie quilts and see if I see a placement I like. Diamonds? Triangle? Something else?

Anyway, Happy Monday! Have a great day!

Take care, Brandie

If you are interested in this project, please contact Katja.


Library Gal Quilts said...

Hi Brandie, Wow how cute is that project! I have been dusting off projects too. I am appliquéing my BOM batik and every morning I get a couple more flowers in place or stems anchored down! Makes me feel good! Inch by inch life is a cinch right? have a good week. xo

LynCC said...

Hey, these are neat!

Kristi said...

I love these blocks...would love the patterns myself. I think if you are happy with the blocks then the quilt will be great. I personally love the color combos.

Heather said...

I think these look great. I love them together like that but check out the "This Goes With That" quilt, you might like that setting more. :-)

Lori said...

That is going to be beautiful! Love it!

Robin said...

They are not ugly. Your fabrics are fine. You just have too few hexies to be able to judge yet. Hold off judgment on how to set them. When you have a bunch more, you may begin to like them butted. But there are other settings if you don't...