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Monday, October 8, 2012

Bye, Bye Brick

I am not sorry to see it go, I just wish I came up with this idea 10 or 20 years ago.
Before. Now imagine this brick paired with a crazy vegetable wallpaper
It was too much!
For years this kitchen has had too many patterns going on in it. I have tried many different things over the years to help, but this is by far the best-est solution!
After. What a difference!
New paint, newly painted floor and the best addition ever, wainscot!
The new look fits the old sink style and makes it look cohesive. I love it!
A quick antiquing stop found us this old-new spicy shelf. I had a hard time with the aged look but Hubby liked the look so I'm going to try to like it. So far so good. I cleaned it up with clorox and Hubby gave it a few strokes with a dry paint brush to help it match a little better. I'm thinking I can live with this new look and ignore those holes in it.
See what I mean about the wainscoting matching the sink style. I think that after all these years, there is finally a togetherness in this room.
If you look closely at the hutch, you can see that the kitchen has a few Halloween decorations too.
How about a closer look. I may add a few ghastly articles to my panty jars. Oh what fun to be had!

This was my weekend report.
I am so kicking my butt that I didn't do this years ago! It was a quick, cheap fix (about $50). I love that too!
There were a few casualties.
One, my faithful jig saw started smoking on my last piece. Of course it was the last piece because of all the cuts and angles I needed to make. So I did that with a hand saw.
Two. I think I broke my middle toe. I tripped, kicked a 4 inch box and now I have a beautiful blue toe that doesn't like to be inside any shoes. Have I mentioned how clumsy I am?

Well it's time to go elevate my foot.
Take care, Brandie


Heather said...

So sorry that you hurt your toe but the wainscoating looks perfect in the room. A wonderful solution and looks like it belongs! Your kitchen is adorable.

Paula said...

I usually do not comment but you amaze me! Your re-do is awesome. Isn't it fun to see what you do for little money?
Sorry about your toe. Hope it heals fast.
Give Mr Gray and nice petting for me. I sure enjoy reading about him also.

Lynette said...

Hey, wow! That's a neat transformation. And I'm with your hubby - love the antiqued look of the rack. :)

Anonymous said...

Ouch for that broken toe. I had a broken toe years ago and I remember the pain in it for a while. Your room looks wonderful. Well done!

Miriam said...

A great transformation in your kitchen!!

I hope your toe gets better quickly!

Take care.

Linda said...

Brandie, your kitchen redo is amazing!!!!!! LOVE the color and wainscoting !!! Looks clean, modern with a touch of vintage. Very pretty!! Sorry about your toe. Just go and look around your kitchen and the pain will be worth it. :-)

Chocolate Cat said...

Wow wow and more wow! That looks fantastic! Maybe I should start my kitchen makeover on a budget sooner rather than later!

Robin said...

Wow, HUGE difference, you crafty thing!! LOVE IT!!!!

Lori said...