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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Check It Out

Project two from the same can of paint.
My kitchen floor needed a redo. A serious redo. I had decided that some of those quaint seams in the floor had to go this time around. They were a catch all for every crumb in the house.
It's it so pretty? Not!
So I got out the cement joint filler and went to town. I covered every knot, crack and every seam.
See that beautiful brick wall? Well you won't for long. Next week it'll be covered by wainscoting.
I painted two coats of black, each night before bed.
Guess who tried to help? Dorian!
That cat got through every blockade and every barrier. I had to cut the black paint off him!
Drying time, looking over my plywood barrier
Then I found a tall piece of leftover plywood to keep him out, temporarily.
I had finally blocked him long enough to paint the beige checks. Long enough for the paint to dry during the day. Long enough to get a clear varnish on, when he streaked in and ran across the the floor. I caught him by the tail and pulled him out. That's when he noticed his feet were sticky. he was spreading those toes and shaking those legs trying to get the "tape" off his feet.
And of course I had painted myself out of the two rooms that had rags in them. So I used a dirty sock to clean his feet before they turned to glass.
I'm laughing now, but the cat was in trouble then! He had to spent a time out in the bedroom. When I came back for him, he was just laying on the bed staring at the door. I went into him and explained that he needed to stay out of there and be a good boy. I think it went in one ear and out the other. Because he went right back to trying to get back into the kitchen.
I've since noticed that the tip of his tail has a crispy spot thanks to the varnish, Oh well! I may have to cut that off too.

I have always wanted a black and white checked floor. I should have done it last time I painted. I love the feel of the Polycrylic on my feet. I hope this seals the floor better than last time and makes it easier to clean.

Today I will be using that same black paint on my third project.
I still haven't been back to my machine but I'm hoping today isn't going to be as long the previous projects.

Take care,


LynCC said...

Very cool, Brandie :D You did a good job. Was it hard to paint the white over the black?

Jean(ie) said...

Look at you all becky homecky! Love the floor!!!!

Createology said...

Your paint is the best money spent for home improvement. Love the checkered floor. There is something regal about it. So like Dorian to be curious as a cat and get into the sealer. Good thing you were able to catch him quickly and clean up those cute little paws. Thinking "pawsitively"...

Heather said...

Love your floor. Black and white checks are a favorite of mine. A previous house had them on the laundry room floor and I loved them. You did a great job despite your little "helper".

Donna T said...

I love seeing all your home improvements! The black and white floor is fabulous! It is amazing what a can of paint and some elbow grease will do to update a house! Can't wait to see you next project! Dorian is too funny! I am sure it wasn't funny at the time trying to keep him!

Linda said...

Floor is amazing!!! Geesh!!! You are an artist. Before I read your post, I thought you had laid tile. Amazing. I love the Dorian story!!! Reminds me of Scooter. He would get through any blockade to try and lay on quilts or backings. LOL!!!

Robin said...

I have ALWAYS wanted a black and white checked floor!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!

Wow, I like the brick, though. Have you considered painting it white (or beige, to match the floor)? It would be pretty for texture...and cheaper than wainscoting over it. Although wainscoting is pretty, too...