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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who Throw Away the Kitty?

 Silly Dorian found the trash can and now thinks used boogie rags make a nice bed.
Whenever we can't find him, this is where we now look. Usually we see the evidence, tissues strewn across the floor. And Maximus always knows, we just need to ask him, "Where's the Kitty?".
I wanted you to see that Dorian's feet are as large as Maximus's. Six and a half weeks old and his feet are as big as a full grown chihuahua. Makes me wonder how big he'll get!

In sewing news, I finished all my stars and I hope to get them laid out tonight.
And I finished all the applique on my jubilee quilt! Now I'm on to the last border which is a pieced border. I drafted it out last night and I hope to get it sewn this weekend.
So hopefully I can get you pictures of these tomorrow, without a cat!

Take care, Brandie


Monica said...

Kitties love their baskets for sure! When mine were kittens they'd hide in the baskets under our coffee table all the time. You're lucky I don't live closer or I'd steal that little guy from you. He's too cute for words.

LynCC said...

OH my gosh! It's AMAZING what kitten can squish themselves through.

sunny said...

I love the way you got all the pictures of him coming out. I don't know how you get any sewing done at all when you're surrounded by such cuteness.

paulette said...

Sad but true...our little guy is growing up!!(why are you jumping for joy!!haha)

Frog Quilter said...

Adorable. Cats make our lives so much better. Sebastian is on my lap giving me my morning therapy which feels so relaxing.

Robin said...

Oh my gosh, that is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! And he must have made the escape that way several times, if you managed to catch it on camera. I love cats!!