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Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Morning

 Here's a shot of the little fur-ball relaxing on the couch. He looks sweet and innocent, but he's not. This is the baby who claws "Mom's" derriere to wake her up, at 5;30 am!
 So Mom had to get up and start her day.
Groggily watering the garden. But look! There are two cherry tomatoes!
 And four Romas!
 My tomato plants are at least 6 foot tall, but this is all the fruit I have on them. The plants look great and bloom all the time, I'm just not getting any produce. Even the big zucchini has at least 6 blooms a day, but not fruit. Any suggestions?

On the quilty front. I made a total of one star last week. I'm going to try to do better this week.
These squares are the points to my stars. I'm a little miffed that the pattern designer didn't add just a tad more to the cutting measurements so that we could get two half-square triangles from each cut.
But I'm even more miffed at myself for not reading the pattern all the way through and making my own adjustment! If I had added just a 1/4 inch more, I'd have two HST and a bit to trim up to perfection.
So because I had already cut my beautiful fabrics, I'm making little 1 1/2 HST along with my 2 1/2 HST.
I'm not sure where I'll use those little HST but I sure didn't want to waste this precious fabric.

What are you working on this Monday?
Is it cool where you are? It's hot as blazes here! Trade?

Take care, Brandie


Createology said...

Such a sweet face! Your garden looks wonderful. Busy week ahead...enjoy Summer Sunshine Smiles.

Sammy said...

She is so cute... and omg, look at those eyes... I am sold :)

LynCC said...

I have a whole shoebox almost filled up now with those orphan dog-ear HSTs. Some day I'll do something spectacular with them. ;D Sometimes, though, I use them in conjunction with the quilt's label or in the piecing on the back.

Unknown said...

Brandie -- I am in love with your blog and Mr. Trouble stories. I was just asking a nursery expert about my tomatoes, etc. She said that the extreme heat will kill the pollen, so they may bloom, but stop there. So I guess I am lucky to get the few fruit/veggies that we got. Hope that helps.

Sharon in Colorado

Linda said...

So cute and I can tell he has a little naughty mixed in!! LOL!! Garden loos so lush!!! I have been guilty myself for not reading the directions and making adjustments too. You can still make another Hst from those. Just smaller. You could make a mini quilt with the leftover hsts.

Lori said...

Dorian is so cute!!

My pumpkins have had a ton of blooms and only a little fruit starting to form. Not sure what's with that.

It is supposed to be 99 here today. No complaints as we have not had any days over 100 this summer! It has been wonderfully beautiful!!

Heather said...

Hot as blazes here in Florida and in the house my husband is renting til we can move, the lights in the sewing room make it even hotter. I am melting!

Vicki said...

Brandi, your baby is such a treasure!! I believe all the love and positive energy that has/is being sent his way has helped him and you. It's possible that you may need phosphorus which is important for the fruit but maybe it's the heat. Have you asked at a local nursery? best of luck with your garden and your 'baby'

Carrie P. said...

this heat has not been good for veggies.
I do know that squash plants put out male flowers first and then the female flowers which will be pollinated and make fruit. Your squash plant looks small still so just give it time. From past photos of your garden it looks like you get a lot of shade too, so maybe your plants are not getting enough sunlight.

Miriam said...

Dorian is sooo darn cute!!!

I'm quite happy to trade some warm weather with you. It has been in the mid 50s here today, but we expect cooler weather later in the week. About mid seventies would be perfect!

I hope you get some more vegies from your garden soon.

Carla said...

That little jigger is so cute! I think we are supposed to prune tomato plants somewhat so they don't use all their energy on leaves. Good luck ; )