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Friday, August 3, 2012

Halloween Fabric

"Basic Black" by The Buggy Barn
 You may or may not know that I started a new project. One that is going to my favorite quilt, it's almost guaranteed. Why? Well because it's a Halloween quilt and you all should know by now that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Also because it will have pumpkins. Now that shouldn't be a surprise to you.
Last year at our quilt show I bought 10 homespun fat-quarters, just because I liked the colors. I felt a little bad not having a prepose. But then I saw an old pattern (2005) from Blackbird Designs and it all started to come together.
 I went to my LQS and asked for black, that isn't solid. Sounds funny but Jen went right to these black fabrics from The Buggy Barn and I knew they would be perfect! Thanks Jen and Morning Star!
Amish black, CHEDDAR and some stash black
Then I had to find a way to incorporate my favorite color, cheddar, into the mix.
 My first Halloween star. Isn't it grand! I love it already. swoon...

So I hope I answered your question Hitchhiker42.

Soon (but don't hold your breathe) I hope to show you more of the pattern. I want to surprise you all (the real surprise will be finishing this quilt by Halloween).

Now how about some Dorian Pics?
 Here I was just sitting on the couch, feet up (you can see them at the top), appliqueing and watching TV, when suddenly I was attacked from below.
This furry boy jumped into my lap and tried to catch my thread as I stitched away.
 Unable to catch the thread, he settled for biting my finger.
After a few tangles of cat and fabric, he fell asleep. Ain't he cute?

Can you see how big he's getting? He weighed in today at 1 pound 8. something ounces. It's a little harder now to keep him still on the scale.
Five weeks! I'm really surprised we made it this far. A good surprised.

More good news! Last night was the first time in 3 weeks I went to town. 3 weeks! The only place I,ve been has been Safeway. But last night was guild night and I needed to go. Hubby said he'd cat-sit.
I stressed and stressed all day because I'd been trying to get Dorian on solid food since last week. But no! This kitty only wanted his bottle!
Hubby told me to go and to stop worrying. I told him I'd keep on cell phone on and he could text if he had any problems.
So I loaded up and headed to Chico. First stop, Joann's. I needed a zipper to fix a skirt.
Joann's is 13-15 minutes from My front door. Wouldn't you know that as soon as I pulled into the parking lot that I'd get a text from Hubby!
But this was a good text. It said "Dorian is eating the baby food".
What?! That kitten that I've been slaving over and losing sleep over is eating for Hubby! Then I thought, Oh Good, he's eating!
Maybe I just needed to leave him for him to eat solids? Maybe I'm just the milk maid to him?
Either way, this is great. This means I can go the Chico, maybe even to tonight! Can you say SUSHI!

So there you go, long story short?
I hope you all have a Wonderful weekend and don't forgot to lube your machine. I'm a religious oiler, always on Sunday.

Take care, Brandie


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Yay for hubby and Dorian! :-) I am loving your new quilt colors! Have a happy weekend!

Linda said...

Loving the new quilt all ready!!! Yes, you ARE the milk maid to Dorian. He is just like a baby. Bottle from dad but not from mom!!! LOL!! Awesome that he is on his way!

LynCC said...

Yeah, he's cute, sleeping all snuggled down in there. :)

Createology said...

Dorian is precious and it is good to read he is eating least for hubby. Your Halloween quilt will be stunning. I shall enjoy seeing your progress. Summer Sunshine Smiles...

Robin said...

Oh my gosh, I've been so busy that I missed Thursday's post!! Hugs and Kisses is GORGEOUS. I think the straight-line quilting is perfect, because you've already got curvy quilting in the center with your pretty tulips.

And OMG, Dorian is SO BIG. See, he knows you're a pushover and you'll give in and give him the bottle, LOL. I'm so glad he's eating for you and I'm very happy for you that you finally can leave the house, LOL!

Nancy said...

So glad to see how well he is doing! Bravo!

Carla said...

Cute post. It's always hard to leave our babies.i really like that cheddar orange. Lovely with your blacks

Barb said...

love your halloween project. Simple star is one of my favorite traditional blocks.
I just shared the entire history of Dorian with my daughter and she was squealing with delight! What fun to see him doing so well!!