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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fur Batting

 For those of you who asked, Here is an almost complete picture of my Jubilee quilt. I'm having a hard time taking a picture of this quilt. I don't seem to have room for it and I keep attracting animals to it. But I promise that once it's all quilted, I'll get a picture, I promise.
As you can see there was at least one fuzzy on it as I took the picture. Moments before there were two who raced through, over and under. It was enough to scream! The last thing I needed was any animal messing with my wool batting! They all seemed to think I was making them a bed! Next time I'll lock them ALL in another room!
Oh and the fun didn't stop there.
 I had a helper on my machine! Apparently this is why I bought a wide neck machine, for a kitten pass through!
" Pass through? No, I'll just sit here and look at the large pores on your nose".
 Then he decided that the back of my chair was a bed. So I had to quit for the day, or end up with more dimples on my back end.
Kids and animals! You can't quilt around them!

Then I had a visit from my Aunt. She wanted me to see a necklace that she bought at the thrift store. She thought it was right up my alley.
It's a button necklace!
I could make a thousand of these out of my Grandmothers inherited button collection. Which is why my Aunt thought I'd be interested.
Now you all know what you're getting for Christmas!

I'm going out to play today. Cousin Linda and I are going antiquing. Our plan is to buy a bunch of cheap furniture and refinish it, open a booth at an antique store, sell it, get rich and become independently wealthy.
You're right, I'm dreaming.
But we are still going antiquing. You never know what you'll find. I hope to share some good stuff with you tomorrow.

Take care, Brandie


Teri said...

Love the are the fires over your way.....I hope better.....

Anonymous said...

Love the button necklace. I think I might be able to make of those. what type of thread? did they use?

Heather said...

Happy antiquing. Love your quilt!!!

Miriam said...

Your quilt is stunning!!!
Love your little sewing assistant! Lol
Cute necklace, what a great idea!
Have lots of fun antiquing.

Carrie P. said...

oH, your quilt is so pretty!
neat necklace.

Mary said...

Love your quilt, but I really enjoy the kitty updates. I am living vicariously through you!


Esther said...

Wool batting, you will love it. Dorian is adorable, love the photos and updates. Looking forward to what you found antiquing.

sunny said...

What an awesome quilt! I don't think you have the proper appreciation for your helper. meow!

Carla said...

That little jigger is lucky he isn't part of the quilting! I bet you love him to bits.

Lori said...

Frustrating but funny!! Your jubilee quilt is beautiful!! A real labor of love!

Jean(ie) said...

your post made me giggle...uncontrollably...