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Monday, August 27, 2012

Pay Dirt

 Boy do I have a wonderful story for you!
Remember last week I went antiquing and was disappointed to find nothing exciting?
Well I received an email from a friend in my small quilting group.

She said " since you take in stray cats I thought maybe you would like to give this old sewing machine a home."
There may be a missing handle, but that's a quick fix thanks to Ebay
 I rushed out of the house and drove about 68 mph down the hill to go investigate.
Why? It was a 1924 bent wood Singer for only $25. Really! $25! I've told you how cheap I am and this machine was right up my alley.
 But I knew enough to check for rust and misuse.
There wasn't any so I of course bought it and I took it home.
I found a video online that show you how to cleaned it up and played with it.
I runs just lovely and if I need a spare machine (or 5), it's here to use.
So if any of you ever come across a cheap old crank handle machine, drop me an email and I'll be right there!
Thank you Nancy for the hot tip! You know me well!
 I tried to spend time this weekend quilting my Jubilee quilt. I had a lot of assistance.
 This is the face I saw looking back at me ALL weekend.
 Even a pretty boy pose is not helping!
 Then for a time there was TWO of them! Really not helping!
 But I did manage to complete all the grid work behind the basket.
I mentioned before that I was using a wool batting. This is a first for me. It is puffier that your everyday batting. At first I had I hard time getting it under my Juki, but I've overcome that  obstacle now I just need to overcome those helpful animals!
This weekend was also my first harvest. I ended up with a total of 3 chilies, 2 yellow grape tomatoes and one regular tomato.
Those tomatoes were sure good and I do have more coming soon. I seem to have quite a few roma tomatoes. The others, not so much. And there are several more chilies.
Zucchinis? Still nada.

I will try to get more quilting done today, while the furry ones sleep. This phase has to pass, it just has to!

Take care, Brandie


paulette said...

WHAT did you just call my little precious??!! haha
Love the quilt your quilting!!

Heather said...

That quilt is looking good, despite your two little helpers!

Donna T said...

Great buy on the sewing machine! I'm sure glad I don't have all that help with my quilting! Both of my cats like to be near but not within quilting range! My cats are both older so your kitty will hopefully grow out of this! Your pets are both so cute, it would be hard to get mad at them!

sunny said...

What a beautiful sewing machine! What a beautiful quilt! What a wonderful, cute, little heper creature!

Esther said...

Totally jealous of your machine! So glad it has a happy home now.

Nanette Merrill said...

Wow good for you. I love my featherweight. So fun to sew on.

Jean(ie) said...

Paydirt? Better than that! You will love your machine. And it's in great shape, too!!!!! That is a bargain!

I need to start using my featherweight. It replaced my older Janome class machine, which got donated to a mission project.

Karen said...

I used to have several hand crank machines. Love them, love them. I just don't have room for them now that we have down-sized. I sold most of what I had before the move. I still think about them.

Lori said...

The dog and the cat sitting on the quilt next to your machine cracked me up to no end! What a hoot!!