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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Box

 Last week my friend Gail gave me a new (old) sewing box. I love it! But I didn't know what to do with it and so it sat on my buffet for over a week.
Then I thought, I wonder if my threads will fit in it.
 They did, they did! And perfectly I might add. Before I had all my threads in baskets and I would pull each color basket down to work with. Now I can just grab a drawer.
I love that the top drawer holds all my applique threads, so I can just pull that whole drawer out and get started.
Thank you Gail!
But what happened to the baskets?
 They have been claimed for beds.
See his selvage strip, it came with him.
 He can sleep in many positions and lay in wait till something walks by. Then grab them!
 He has also discovered Maximus's bed. This bed sits on a table facing the window. When I sew, Max likes to be with me.
Well Now Dorian has figured out how to get up there and sit near me as I sew and take over Max's bed. I see another bed in our future.
 Unfortunately this puts Dorian is closer proximity to my sewing area and he doesn't always want to give me space to work.
Max is pleased that at least he's out of his bed!
But all if forgiven when he curls up in front of a quilt and looks so cute!

One more side to paper-piece! Hurray!
I'm going out to get some batting and I'm going to layer that quilt today!
It'll probably be lumpy. Because I'm sure that I'll have all the animals helping. I'll have to do a head count before I add any stitches.
I'll sew excited! I can't wait to quilt it.

Take care, Brandie


Jean(ie) said...

Love the box!!!!!!! Seeing the two furkids together is just precious.

sunny said...

What a wonderful idea for thread storage! And I don't think Dorian needs his own bed, the other looks plenty big enough for the two of them.

Carrie P. said...

great little dresser to store your thread.
that little Dorian is just a cutie and so is the pup. It is good that they are friends now.

Diamant said...

I don;t know how you get any work done at all. I think I'd spend all my time petting those two little lovelies.

Heather said...

What a great use for that little dresser. Those pictures of the two animals sleeping together are really just the cutest thing ever!

Robin said...

LOL, be careful you don't sandwich Mr. Dorian in there...

Nichole Regnier said...

Oh my gosh, these pictures are so adorable! I love how they are like bffs!! lol