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Monday, August 20, 2012

Kitty Hears?

Dorian is trying to camouflage himself
 Proof that I've been sewing! I'm still doing the applique in the main block but I couldn't resist adding a few stars to the applique.
I came across a problem with those stars this weekend. I had to re-sew all the stars! They were 1/2 bigger than the black 9-patches. At first I was very upset and ready to shelf this quilt but than I figure out that all I had to do was trim the inner square of the stars and keep going. Which meant I had to take all but one seam off, trim and re-sew them back together again.
It's my own fault, I want to change the pattern, not the designers. Live and learn and ALWAYS double check your cut. Measure twice, cut once.
 Dorian has learned to jump higher. This means I should probably cat-proof the house. It also means I need to be careful when I use this cutting mat!

I think Dorian may be deaf. When I tell him "NO" he ignores me. But the dogs hear me and look guilty. I tell Dorian to stop climbing the bird cage because Victoria will take off one of his toes. He doesn't even respond.
I tell Dorian to stop bitting my toes. Same thing, no response.
I tell Dorian to stop eating the dog food, again no response.
All day long this cat ignores me, so I'm thinking he's deaf. But if I open the door, which squeaks and groans, he comes running.
This animal is a mystery to me. So aloof, till he thinks he's lost (or I'm lost) and then he cries loudly and when I say "I'm in the kitchen" he races in and sits on my feet.
Deaf? Or disobedient?
How do you discipline a cat?
 Then there are the super sweet moment when you find both the boys curled up together sleeping. Aahh!
Again and again. If this isn't love, well what is?

I need to get back to my stars, only 5 more to fix. And work on the applique. This quilt has a deadline! Halloween is just days away!

Take care, Brandie


stephmabry said...

Does he respond to his name? My cats don't really respond to "no" because it doesn't mean anything to them. We discipline them by swatting them on the behind or by stomping and making loud noises (basically acting like gorillas!). That usually sends them running and they learn not to do things (or at least not to do said things in front of us!).

Heather said...

Haha, that cat really amuses me but I'm glad I am not the one dealing with him. My dog cause enough problems. :-) That quilt is looking super.

Mad about Craft said...

It has been lovely to watch this cat growing, he is so cute.
Over the years I have found making loud noises works best but the timing is important, you have to react immediately otherwise it won't work. Cats are a lot harder than dogs to train I've found

beaquilter said...

too cute! love the kitty, didn't notice him in the first picture at first when I saw the pic on blogger.

Donna T said...

Love the pictures! I guess cats and dogs can get along! Love your Halloween quilt and Dorian hiding on it!

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you how much I am enjoying the adventures of Dorian! Nice work on the Hallowe'en quilt. Looks great!

Robin C said...

I think he can hear as you said if he misses you and crys that you call out and he comes running.

A way to check it to try and get behind him and make a nice he might like like crinkling paper. We use Scott toilet paper and take the wrapper, tear in half and wad into balls. Every cat loves them. They carry them around in their mouths.

Disclaiming, get a spray bottle, if he does something like scratch, spray him and say Noat same time. He will get the idea. Don't scare him to stop bad behavior. Not a good thing.

Robin C said...

Discipline not disclaim...iPad wouldn't change word

LynCC said...

oh, my - that's so sweet! I know I've heard experts say that you can't train a cat through punishment-based techniques - only reward-based will work with them, and even then they still keep a mind of their own. How adorable that he runs and sits on your feet. :)

Linda said...

So sweet and cute@!!!!! I love him in front of the cat on the quilt!!!! And I love them both sleeping together!!! LOVE!

Lynn said...

I love the quilt and picture of Dorian. He is becoming quite a little character!

Jean(ie) said...

that last pic just warms my heart!

Sharon said...

What about the expression "When you call a cat, it will take a message and get back to you, but your dog will come right away!" Too cute!

Robin said...

Selective hearing, not deafness. It's a cat thing, LOL. OMG, those last couple pics are beautiful!