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Monday, August 1, 2011

Canyon View

What a weekend. I don't think I've been home except to sleep! Which of course means that I didn't get much quilting done. I quilted 4 geese and removed 2, for a big total of 2 geese. WOW!
But I did manage to make some fun. Have you ever seen these? So easy, just make a cupcake in a cone instead of a paper wrapper. Easy-peasy. Why did I make fake ice creams? To tease some kids of course!
Hubby and I went for a little camping trip to see my BFF and her (almost) entire family. There were about 14 kids, all under the age of 15, running around. It was utter chaos! They out numbered us adults. But I loved it. Why? Because I was to go home at some point and they are staying till the end of this week.

We hadn't been up to Lake Almanor for quite awhile and thought it would be fun to make a day trip.
So we followed the Feather River all the way up the mountain. Over several bridges...
This is one of my favorites. I love how you can see the train bridge along with the car bridge. This is known as the Pulga bridge. It was built in 1932 and it is still in constant use today. They estimate about 1500 cars cross it daily. I'm not going to think about that! But I do love the way it looks.
We went through 3 tunnels, cut into solid rock. This one is Grizzly Dome Tunnel.
All to arrive at a beautiful lake.
I'm going to state right here that I'm not a camper. I can't stand having dirty hands and don't get me started about bathing in a lake. But my BFF found a great camp site. It wasn't a free site, she had to pay for it, well share the cost with her 7 siblings, but totally worth it.
What a camp site! Not only do they have running water, it's hot. Not only are there actual flushing toilets, there are showers with hot water. Not only do they have a grill, they have a whole kitchen. I mean a whole kitchen. Two frigs, a microwave and a coffee maker. Oh did I mention power? Yeah, that too. And to top it all of, an ice machine!
They were 5 cabins with a central eating pavilion. This place had everything!
I wish we knew about this place back in the day when my kids were little. This could have been my type of camping.

So today I'm really going to try to sit down and quilt some geese. I have a deadline. The quilt needs to get to Keepsake Quilting by the 15th of August.

Take care, Brandie


Sharon said...

That's my kind of camping! It looks fantastic.

Linda said...

If you're going to camp, this would be it! Looks really nice! The scenery is just gorgeous!

Cupcake cones are awesome! What a cool idea!

Jean(ie) said...

will you kick me in the bee-hind to get my quilt done? Yup, my idea of camping is in my airstream travel trailer -- hot shower, AC, running water, full kitchen, and my sewing machine!

Lori said...

That isn't camping! LOLROF!!

Anita said...

I could probably convince my sweetie to camp under those circumstances. He refuses to go anywhere he can't have his morning shower.

Anonymous said...

Brandie, what camp ground is that? I may go this summer and do a bit of it myself. Lizzie