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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm seeing spots

What is this pile, besides a mess? The beginnings of several owls.
My Daughter raided my stash and even the scrap boxes to find every piece of dotted fabric I've ever had. We had quite a mess! Then we had two little dogs helping with that mess! It took me most of Monday morning to right my shelves again. But like I said before, Priceless.
This is the first spotted owl to come from that pile. I need to add leaves to the tree and a border, before I can sandwich it.
I've fallen in love with this green! I'm going to go get me some more, so don't be surprised to see it again. I'm thinking this color is perfect for boy or girl. There are more kids quilts brewing under the surface and I want to be prepared when they come to a head.

Thank you all for the wonderful response to "The Raven". I'm glad you loved him as much as I do. But I'm just as surprised as you. I can't plan every detail on paper. I'm always surprised at the end. Even in school, I'd write an outline and then end up changing the outline to fit the report. The same thing happens with my quilts. But just so you know "I meant to do that!"

Take care, Brandie


Jean said...

cute owls!

paulette said...

Very Qa-ute!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Really cute, I have an owl quilt inside me I need to make.