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Friday, July 29, 2011

Thread Makeover

I had a dilemma, I had a messing work space. I didn't know how to keep all my threads in order. Specially when I had more than would fit on theses racks.
I love thread. I use it all the time. For applique, quilting and everyday stuff like mending. And each of these needs a different type and color. So I had a lot of thread and it was making me crazy trying to keep it all together and the area clean.
This was the old way, except that I had a quilt hanging over the threads to hide the mess.
So this is the before shot.
And this is the after.
The main focus was to get a containment system to house my threads. I think this may be it. But only time will tell. I could be doing this same post in about 6 months.
(Check out the cool old sewing machine drawer I picked up at an antique store. I have a total of 4 drawers, to hold up those books.
And how about my hezie valance? I figured, why keep it rolled up and put away with the fall stuff. Why not use it? It matches the room and it even hides a few books stacked on top of some others. Yes, I use quilts to hide messes!)
Each of these baskets has a different color of thread and each label tells me what is inside.
Like this.
You can never have enough neutrals!

How about a blast from the past. The schoolhouse quilt. I managed to get it pinned. This thing is massive! It was bigger than the batting! There's a rethink in here, or a mis-mash to make it work. I'll decide when I get to it. Make the top and bottom border thinner or piece in some batting.
It's a biggem! It took forever to pin! Even with Gail's help, I was ready to give up.
But then I pinned another.
This was in my UFO basket. I've forgotten how long ago this was made. I go back and forth, do I like it or is it too busy? I love the toile but I don't love the red fabric. But I decided that from a distance, it's a keeper.

I never did get back to the challenge quilt. Maybe today I'll get lucky.
Of course the day hasn't started out the right way. That dog that lives outside, he was waiting for me at the front door when PugsLee and I went out for her morning constitutional. He's a good boy, just a big, dirty dog. PugsLee doesn't like him and goes crazy every time she sees him, which is everyday, silly girl!
So I had to pick her up and move them both to his yard. Yeah, the one he isn't suppose to be able to get out off. Hmmm. And of course the boys weren't awake to help me.
Don't get me wrong, I wasn't in any danger, except from dirt. That dog is dirty! But he was so good, He walked back on his own and waited by the gate, all the while PugsLee is doing this Tasmanian devil imitation in my arms. Just not the usual morning.
So I need to go and make a trip to the feed store before I can get back to the fun stuff.

Have a wonderful weekend and try to stay cool.
Take care, Brandie


Sandie ~call me crazy said...

I love your vintage drawers Brandie! And your schoolhouse quilt is beautiful! And so is the toile! My goodness you've been busy! Sorry about the dog fiasco this morning~ hope the rest of your day is great!

Linda said...

Your thread redo is awesome!! It looks so clean and organized. When you first showed the pic, I was like "where'd they all go???" LOL!

House quilt is stunning as is the other!! Sounds like Pugslee is keeping you busy! :-)

Sharon said...

Both your quilts are fabulous, I would piece in another piece of batting, there are many easy ways to do this. I layer the added in piece over the existing one, cut through both layers in a gentle curving line, and voila, they meet up, don't have a bulky line and just nest in together. Easy. No sewing, no tacking with tapes,

Jean said...

I love the toile and red quilt! It's the simplicity that grabs me. Calls for some awesome quilting. They make an iron-on batting tape you can use. Great way to use up scraps.

M and M plus 3 said...

I have a set of those vintage drawers my neighbor gave me. I love them. Your thread makeover, you did well! Your baskets for your thread, that is what I was looking for several months back to put on my shelves to help me stay organized. I couldn't find anything like them here. If your come up missing, ummm, don't look at my house!Lol!
Wow, your are really pulling out some good ones in tops! I want to do a feathered star someday...

Miriam said...

I loooove that house quilt!!!!