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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Project Won

I did it. I started something new, even with the raven staring me down. But I Had to!
Remember that birthday party my LQS was having? Well they tempted me. It's all their fault!
What do you get from a bunch of orange fabrics and a pattern?
The beginnings of a beautiful family heirloom.
Step one was appliquéing all those lovelies down and adding a few curly-Q-s (because I didn't like the original pattern. Even the leaves were weird, so I drew my own)
Step two was quilting all the lovelies together with 2 layers of batting and adding more curly-Q-s to the background.
Step three was adding piping and a envelope back. Beautiful, don't ya think?!
Hardest part? Stuffing that darn body pillow into the cavity!
I'm very pleased with my new pillow and I'm leaving it out on the window seat till Christmas!

It may have inspired more creativity, but I'm really going to finish that raven. He really is giving me the evil eye. Probably because he can. He just can't sit yet and he's mad. But today feels like the day, as long as he doesn't bite me.
A girls work is never done!

Take care, Brandie


Jean said...

Sometimes you gotta take the pattern at the starting point then make it your own. Love the fabric choices! Looks great!

paulette said...

STUNNING!! I L.O.V.E. it!!

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

I love it Brandie!! :-) Perfect for the coming months. I'm so glad you took the break and got rejuvenated. Have a happy day!

Wilma NC said...

Beautiful Brandie!! I need to make some pillows. Maybe once the weather turns colder and I can keep, myself in the house.....