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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fabulous Friday Finds

This post is all about fabric. My ship came in this week and I scored some goodies.
We'll start off with Antoinette wearing her gorgeous new collar made of 30's feed-sacks. Doesn't she look beautiful? I'm half tempted to leave them here instead of finishing them. But we know they'll make a beautiful quilt, so persevere I must.
I'm seeing more owl quilts in my future. I found this fabric on-line and I knew I had to have some. My BFF and I have a plan for her brother using these fabrics. He and his family moved to Oregon and they are expecting a new baby. He now works in the logging industry and we thought he needed a spotted owl quilt. So when I saw this fabric I giggled and than bought 4 yards.
And this really special one! I found this one for my Son to match his own hearse. We think it's great! I know it's probably not on your list of wants this year, but we thought it was too perfect for my Boy.
And now the for the best thing that arrived in my mail box.
Remember Thelma's scrap give away?
That was delivered yesterday to a giddy, hysterical woman! I was excepting an envelope with some strips and such. I know Thelma said yardage but I still expected an envelope, not a large box!
First off, I want to show you what I already had and why I wanted to win her scraps.
That is a kit with just a few of the fabrics and a small pack of charm squares.

This is the box that Thelma sent!
On the left is Thelma's "scraps" and on the right is my original packet. BIG difference!
Thelma wanted me to know that she "hoped I make a quilt from this fabric that I'll love as much as she loved her Route 44!"
A quilt? There's enough to make 2 quilts and probably enough left over scraps to make a wall hanging or two!
Thank you again Thelma! I really do have plans for these and can't wait to get started, as soon as I clear my plate a little.
Now on to the quilting.
I finished the buffet scarf, finally! I had been fooling around with too many other things (chores) and finally finished this up last night.
This shows the next step. I echoed inside the big circles around the little circles.
Than I got to the fun part, feathers! I added feathers around the large circles and added a few swirls to the background.
I apologize for the pictures. In the cameras monitor, they look just fine, but when I uploaded them, they are darker than I intended. You can click on any picture to make them bigger.
Here it is in use. This is what I wanted it for and I think it turned out beautifully.
Last night I cut out a raven and I'm so excited to start a Halloween quilt! But I need to put it aside till I finish my little basket tutorial. I really wish I had taken notes from the first one!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you all Monday!
Take care, Brandie


Sandie ~call me crazy said...

You had me at 'this post is about fabric'. LOL Love your finds and I think the hearses will be neat for your DS. Lucky you to win Thelma's giveaway, I had my eye on those scraps too. :-) And I love your quilting!! Great job! Have a happy weekend!

Diane H said...

Hey Brandie! Wow, nice win. Your FMQ on your buffet scarf is amazing - it looks fabulously vintage under your tureens.

paulette said...

Wow!! You scored BIG time with Thelma's GA!! You are going to have a ball making something spectacular and in plenty of time for Fall! Your FMQ is stunning!! Great job!

Lori said...

Fabulous Friday for sure!! You scored big time!!

Anita said...

Gasp! Drool! Gasp! All that beautiful fabric, I'm having major envy! The runner looks lovely, I love that last picture with your pretty white dishes, it's perfect.

Linda said...

I don't know where to begin!!!! Nice fabric score!!! Wow, love all your goodies from Thelma!!! Love the dresdens!!! Love your quilting!!