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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Monkey Squares

Well here it is, a very fast and simple quilt. I went through all the scrap boxes and found enough blues, a few pinks and some greens. I did actually have to go into my fabric stash for some more greens, but I still have more greens then any other color.
The monkey border is not sewn in yet, I was just giving you a quick peek.
When I do sew the monkey border on, none of the red is going to show.
Hopefully today I'll get this quilt done. But I have a very full day. Busy, busy, busy. Sometimes these days are the worst. You feel rushed and then you start sweating, and I Hate sweating!
Tonight is Guild night and this is our anniversary party, but I still need to get up in front of the microphone and talk, so I really don't want to be sweaty!
So before I make myself crazy with my list for today, I'll leave you with happy thoughts of monkeys.
Take care, Brandie


Linda said...

Top is perfect so far. I love the monkey border! It's a great quilt!!

Lynn said...

Good luck on the cute quilt and to a sweat-free talk tonight at Guild!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy tonight! The quilt is going to be perfect!

Lori said...

I like that quilt a lot Brandie.
So what are you speaking about at your meeting? I'm sure you'll do fine!!