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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blue equals Blueberry

Oh those three day weekends. They always seem to be filling with eating and nothing else. Except this weekend was filled with color coordinated foods. RED - watermelon WHITE - potato salad BLUE - blueberries of course! That's not to say we didn't deviate from those colors. There was also nectarine crisp, bar-b-qued tri-tip and chicken.
Summer time foods, there is nothing better!

I know two little girls who will be celebrating their first birthday soon. So I thought I'd whip up some dresses. I only finished one, but I have plans to finish the other today. And this dress is so cute, I may make more.
I was also informed by my daughter that one of her friends is having a baby shower this next weekend. So I need to get a quick quilt done them her to take with her.
She said that they are using monkeys as their theme. So most of yesterday was going through my stash to find monkey fabric. And low and behold, we found some! So I have yet another project to finish. But I was looking at the leftover blue blocks and I think I can use some of those and quickly add some more and call it done.
Aren't kids wonderful!? But would we have it any other way? Of course not!

Take care, Brandie


Ruthie said...

Very cute dress. What pattern is it?

Chocolate Cat said...

Very cute dress! Glad its not only my kids that spring things on me with not much warning!! Wish we were enjoying some summer eating, it is SO cold and miserable here.

Lynn said...

Cute little dress! You are so quick at whipping things up.....from dessert to dresses to quilts!

Linda said...

Dress is so darling!!!