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Monday, July 18, 2011

Star Blocks

I've been working on my star blocks this weekend. I joined a Christmas star quilt along. As you can see, my colors aren't Christmasy so hopefully they won't kick me out of the club.
Every month there has been a different star and I just finished the sixth, so I felt it was time to show you.
Blocks 1.
Blocks 2.
Blocks 3.
The first three blocks on the focus fabric, very non-Christmasy.
Blocks 4.
Blocks 5.
Blocks 6.
I signed up late for this quilt-along and I don't even know if how it is suppose to look when done. Maybe the others do? But I'm still having fun and it's quite easy to do two blocks, of the same pattern, every month. Makes me think that we should do something like this.

It being a Monday, I want to prolong my weekend, but I at least need to clean my dishes! Garfield had it right about Mondays! I hate them as much as I hate folding laundry. ) sigh (

Take care, Brandie


LynCC said...

hehe I"m sure you won't be kicked out :D

Linda said...

Blocks look great! I think it's fun that it's not in Christmas fabric!

Anonymous said...

There's something about stars are that just so fun and happy. I like the fact you're not doing it in Christmas colors... you renegade...


Sharon said...

Any star block is a good block. I love what you've got going on here.

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Your stars look wonderful! Good luck with the dishes~ for me it is laundry.. yuk. ;-) Have a happy day!

M and M plus 3 said...

Love the blocks and the colors! I'm on dish vacation this summer. My youngest is learning how to keep the kitchen and I love it!

Lori said...

Super cute blocks!!

QuiltSue said...

Nope, you won't be kicked out. Have you seen some of the others? We have yellow and grey, pink and purple, purple and cream, yellow and cream, etc. Not Christmas colours at all.

Yours look great and you caught up really fast.