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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fat-Quarter Dresses

Aren't fat-quarters so versatile? You can do so many things with them. Sure we buy them for quilts, but I just used a bundle to make two dresses, and I still have three left to make another.
So next time you buy a fat-quarter bundle, consider make baby dress or two.
I bought these at a quilt show, with no plans for them, except that I liked the colors. The only thing that didn't come from a FQ, is the lining slip and eyelet.
Now the twins have almost matching clothes, which is how mom dresses them. Hopefully mom will like these dresses. They are pink and orange, her colors.
I promise to take a picture if we can get them to wear them.

I also cut up about 40 (more that I need, but you never know if all the blocks will be perfect, so I make more than I need) new blocks for that quick quilt that my daughter needs by Sunday. I swear, cutting takes more time that sewing. To me cutting is like folding laundry. I hate it!
This is that monkey fabric we found. It was part or a border print. Along with it were a row of elephants, a row of giraffes and a large border of everything. So today I need to get busy and sew those blocks together and get it done. Only 5 days to go. No slacking on this one!
See you all tomorrow!
Take care, Brandie


Diane H said...

Love the dresses, Brandie! The girls are going to look so cute.

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Darling dresses Brandie! I hope we get to see them on the little cuties! I don't like the cutting part too much either. Have fun stitching!

Anonymous said...

Oh those dresses are cute! and I love the monkey fabric. Makes me smile.

Linda said...

Monkey fabric is so cute. Those dresses are just precious!?

Anita said...

Holy stinkin' adorable!

Carrie P. said...

those are adorable. wish i had someone to make them for.