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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well I don't really have anything to say, except, I did finish up the costume and it was a great fitting.
I did do a few things around the house, but they are boring. I know I wouldn't like to read about the chores that I put off, so I'll spare you all.
I have been working on a few quilty things, I'm just at a point that doesn't take good pics. I hope to have something done soon.
But I will leave you with this weird pic.
This probably happen when my daughter came to visit. She still tortures PugsLee. When she was a child and she finally got over her fear of the Guinea pig sized pup, she started to dress poor PugsLee in baby clothes and give her ride in the stroller. PugsLee can still remember these days and gives Bridgette a wide berth and the evil eye. But Bridgette cons her too, with treats and then does weird things like put wigs on her. PugsLee was very happy when Bridgette moved out. She inherited her room and she could now take uninterrupted naps without fear. But she also has a short memory and falls for the torture every time.
Have a wonderful Thursday!
Take care, Brandie

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As the Spool Spins at Honey Run Quilters... said...

Oh Brandy, PugsLee is so cute...Caution does go out the window for a treat, I know I have two little pups myself. Can't help but love em!