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Monday, June 7, 2010

Garden tour

Unfortunately, none of these picture came form my garden. This weekend, cousin Linda and I took the "Garden Tour" in our local city, Paradise. There were 6 gardens this year. As usual, some were more our taste than others. There was a ranch, complete with farm animals, and their smells. One thing most had in common, artichoke plants.

This one was growing at the ranch. It was in full sun and it was the smallest.

We found our favorite garden just down the street from us. It was a small yard that the owners had taken and made into several different rooms with seating. No matter where you were, there was a place to sit. They had even Incorporated old building materials into their design. Pillars, old fences and several estate sale finds. Cousin Linda and I were jealous. Apparently, this owner gets to all the yard and estates sale before us and buys all the cool stuff. This was a view into one of their rooms. I believe this room is mainly their veggie garden, but beautiful none the less.

They also had an artichoke. It was in a more mature state.

There were foxglove, don't worry I didn't pick any. I wish I could get it to grow in my yard. But alas, I don't have enough sun.

Here is a full blown choke. This one grew on the other side of the canyon and it was almost spent.

This hosta was amazing! The leaves were as watermelons! I know it is hard to see, but they were gigantic. Cousin Linda put her foot in as reference. I tried, but I keep tipping over. I had a sinus headache and wasn't to steady on my feet. They had several of these hostas. Lovely!
The man of the house made this waterfall out of found objects. It was a little one, but it wasn't over done. That's not a real lizard. But that is a real plant. It looks very happy right there.

And of course, there were California poppies, and the bumble bees that go with them. I was smitten with these cute chubby guys. They would spin themselves around the stamens. I was captivated, and a little scared.
It was a beautiful day and we saw many beautiful flowers. Great weekend!
How was your weekend?
Take care, Brandie

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