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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday disaster

After getting over my initial fear, I think I did just fine. There looks to be no glaring problems, right? You'll never believe what I did. I've sew many a dress and most of them have started with a pattern. So how could I be so stupid to TWICE cut out the wrong piece on the fold. TWICE, did you get that! I know what the fold does and why we have it. I know that almost always the piece on the fold is the front bodice, and this dress was no different. So why did I lay the back bodice pattern piece on the fold and cut it out and only then realize my mistake, with a few choice words? Was it because we only had limited fabric and had bought what was left of the bolt? Was it my attention to detail and wanting to do the best? If must have been an off day!

So how did I make the second mistake? I refolded my fabric, to give me another fold, and laid the front bodice down. I walked away and the piece flew off and I reapplied it to the fabric, I had just learned that it all fit on the re-folded fabric. BUT some how when I replace that pattern piece, I didn't lay it on the fold, I laid the back of the piece on the fold.ARGGGG!

Ok, so do you want to know how I fixed my problem? I always cut 2 of each bodice piece anyway. Why? I like the look of the finished edges and Frenh seams. Everything gets tucked into the inside bodice piece. So for that inside bodice piece there is a seam to connect what should have been a single piece. For the front bodice piece, well when I was cutting out the fabric I realize my second mistake as I was coming around the front of the pattern piece, where the fold symbols are. There was one fold in the fabric, about an inch and a half from that fold symbol. Again more choice words that didn't really sound like "Fudge". I stopped cutting and put it all away until I came up with the idea of using some tiny folds to shrink that bodice to the right size. You can see those tiny folds on the bodice. Later today we will be doing a fitting and it will all be finished. Hurray, maybe I do work well under pressure.

In other news, my darling beautiful Daughter conned me. She gave me this big sad story about missing one of her work mates B-Day. So she was going to make a lemon meringue pie or a caramel cheesecake. She has made the pie before on a couple of occasions for this same work mate. So I was confused as to why she was even telling me about it. Well as it turns out, she has all her pans and cooking supplies packed up and "it would be so much easier if Mom made it".

Then the choice was caramel cheesecake. But I got her. Can you see the crack forming in the center?
Look closer. They are all going to be eating a cracked cheesecake. Hahaa! If I can't eat any and enjoy the fruits of my labor, I'm glad it's not perfect.
Then I felt bad and covered up the crack with more caramel and toasted pecans. I don't want anyone to think my food is ugly!
You all have a wonderful day, I plan on it and so should you!
Take care, Brandie


Diane H said...

Wow! The costume did turn out more than fine! And please pass the cheese cake - cracked is okay with me.

Miriam said...

That cheesecake looks delicious!

I have made cutting out mistakes before too. Lucky you had enough fabric!

Lori said...

The dress looks wonderful despite the cutting mistake!!
Yum! on the cheesecake....moms are so nice:)