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Friday, June 4, 2010

Community sew night

Last night was our guilds annual community sew night. Unfortunately, not a lot of people show up for it. But here is a picture of a few of the groups setting up.

See this little basket of cherries, this is a wall hanging my friend Gail is working on. Several people thought that was going to be part of our quilt.

No, this is our quilt is pictured below. We needed boy quilts, so that's what we made.

I think this will keep a child from sleeping. Can you see the crazy prints? There was one with zebras and rainbows. Flames, pink elephants, psychedelic plaids and a crazy colorful stripe. Can you tell I had nothing to do with the picking of the fabric? But now that's all done, maybe it's not so bad.
I joined this small group 4 years ago on this very same night. They had leftover round the world block that they were trying to put together. I stepped in and bullied them around and placed those non matching blocks into the least ugliest layout. Then because I knew I was being a witch, I took that quilt home and quilted it for them. All these years later, they haven't kicked me out of the group, even though I complain about almost everything.
We made a disappearing 9 patch. I complained that none of our blues matched. Then they cut them up and I really had a fit. I had to leave the room when they put the blocks together. I couldn't see the pattern and it really confused my eyes. But, when that quilt was quilted and all finished, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. So I'm still learning. Hanging out with these ladies will make me like color, someday! Who knows, I may even start using Kaffe Fasset in every quilt. That would really surprise cousin Linda. She has said for years that I'm color challenged. It's true, but it is me. I do try to add a new color to my wardrobe every year and also to my quilting.
Have a great weekend!
Take care, Brandie

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Lizzie said...

oh no! I completely forgot about the guild meeting. And I have two bags of fabric in my trunk I intended to donate. ooops. Oh well, next month. Lizzie