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Monday, September 30, 2013

Quilt Show Post 1

I have a bunch of pictures to share with you from our Quilt Show.
I had a long 4 days but after it's all done, I think it was worth it! Not to toot my own horn but I think it was the best show we've ever had. We had so many quilts that it was hard to pick a favorite but I'll show you a few that caught my eye.
Diane Evans. This is all appliqued and she won a 1st place ribbon in the judged category. 

Betty Sweet. This is a quilt dedicated to her eye Drs.

Read her card, it's an amazing story

Our past President, Jill Ramsey. A quilt she made from the blocks we gave her.

Tina Wilson and an amazing Flower Garden.

Barbara Michels. Check out the quilting. She received a 3rd place ribbon for judging.

Pat Roth and her Judges Choice along with a 1st place ribbon.

Millie Lofgren and her 1st place ribbon

Another by Diane Evans. 2nd place

Hand quilted and sequined

Lynne Pillus with a 1st place ribbon

Loretta Kleinsasser with her Best of Show.

Sue Kurtz with a beautiful scrappy quilt. I love how she used reverse applique on the border.

Donna Greenwald and a FABULOUS "Koi Party".

Look at this detail!

Blogger Jo from Moonbear with her cute sew along.

Blogger Esther with her GORGEOUS "Chocolate covered caramel apple storm at sea".Also with a 1st place ribbon!

Just take a look at her quilting. Definitely an award winner!
That's all for today. I need to go remind myself how to do laundry and dishes!

Take care, Brandie


Monica said...

Some very talented ladies! That first one is definitely my favorite. I can't wait to see more.

Createology said...

Congratulations on a great quilt show. The quilts you have shown are stunning and amazing. I can only imagine the amount of time and labor that went into creating such works of art. Amazing Creative Stitching Bliss Dear...

Jo said...

Wish everyone could see these gorgeous quilts in RL, they are amazing!!! We have many very talented quilters here the greater Chico area (Butte County, Northern California, USA) And these are just a start, there are lots more! I haven't unloaded my camera yet, spent the morning tracking down a coffee pot and 3 yards of steam a seam for one of our show attendees from Yuba City. TY for posting the Medallion!
Bear Hugs, Jo

Dee said...

You have a lot of very talented quilters in your area. I would love to have walked through and looked at each quilt in detail. They were all so beautiful!

Sue-Anne said...

What a fantastic array of quilts, you are all very talented. Thank you for sharing with us.

Esther said...

Great post Brandie, and a great show. Thanks for all you did to make it such a success

Carrie P. said...

wowee!! thanks for sharing those fabulous quilts. I read Jo's blog and I love her quilt.

Carla said...

These are all wonderful Brandie, but where's yours?