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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quilt Show Post 2

We had so many wonderful quilts at our show, I am having a really hard time showing you all of them. Again, these are just the few that caught my eye.
I was amazed at everyone of these quilts. One of the perks of my job was that I was there alone with the quilts in the early morning and at night. For three days I wandered around taking pictures. You would have thought by the last day I could have remembered every quilt but I still saw something new each day. It may have been the colors that caught my eye on day one. Day two could have been reading every description and day three I saw some amazing quilting. I love quilts and I was inspired. So on with today's show.
This is another from Loretta

The beaded detail was impressive

Kitty Pippen

She's a Master of Sashiko

Nancy McCartney with a Gorgeous Christmas quilt

Cindy Green with perfect stars, I'm jealous!
And my humble quilt.
With a surprise in the right hand corner. This is my first ever judged quilt and I have to say I was really surprised at the ribbon. I'm a relative new-be in the quilting world and I'm still learning to do just about everything. I don't claim to know everything or be a master at anything.
Let me share with you what I learned from this judge because we can all benefit.
"Dynamic visual image.
Applique technique is well mastered.
Unfortunate bearding.
Colors all work well together.
Binding should be consistent width around the quilt.
Pink piping enhances overall design."
Since I drew and designed this quilt, I was thrilled that she like the "dynamic" image. And I was even more thrilled that she thinks I have mastered applique because I love to do it.
Now the "bearding" is because I used white batting in a black quilt. So we will never do that again, right girls? No white batting in black quilts!
She said that the small dot I used to bind the quilt with wasn't constant all the way around. We need to be careful not to use a pattern that isn't constant. At times in my binding the dots are straight and at times they look angled. I may take that binding off but I also may keep it on as a visual reminder.
So all in all, if you ever get a change to have one of your quilts judged, do it. It's a great learning experience.
Though I do wish she had said something about my quilting, but maybe there wasn't anything good to say or there just wasn't time?

Tomorrow I'll be back with my quilt show goodies.
Take care, Brandie


Jo said...

Thank you for posting more pics. I wish I had had a quilt worthy of judging because it is a great learning tool! I was a helper that day and learned allot just being there holding quilts for the judge. Unfortunately, I left early for set up and missed the category with your quilt. The quilts she did while I was there, she rarely addressed the quilting at all, when she did it was just about 'starts and stops' and thread tails. The fact that she did not address your quilting, I believe is a compliment! Your quilting on this beauty is gorgeous and considering the quality of all the quilts entered, that ribbon is well deserved!

Library Gal Quilts said...

It was so beautiful Brandie! I agree, she should have said something about the quilting :) it was wonderful!! I will have a quilt judged next time. It's good to know what they see.

Carrie P. said...

congrats! on winning a ribbon. It is a beautiful quilt and it is good to read the judges comments. Makes us better quilters.

Dee said...

Congratulations on your ribbon and all the positive feedback! Your quilt really is beautiful.

Createology said...

Beautiful quilts and you sharing them is bliss. Congratulations on your ribbon. How nice to get "constructive" criticism and be able to learn how to improve. Creative Stitching Bliss Dear...

Esther said...

Well, I thought your quilting was beautiful. And, the black batting is wonderful, so next time. Your quilt was stunning, and you should be proud. I am so glad I got to see it in person.

Esther said...

Your quilting was beautiful, and your quilt was stunning. Congrats on all the positive feedback. The black batting is wonderful to work with. I am so glad I was able to see your quilt in person.

Carla said...

Oh Brandie, it's stunning ; ) I can't really see it that well, but are there feathers all the way around? I think your attention to detail is amazing. I smiled at the little green roots....