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Friday, September 13, 2013

Fabric Fun

I needed to have some more fun and I had a pile of little girl fabrics all ready to go.
Bad light!
I had this pile sitting around for a couple of months. But I had plans for it. I was going to make a baby quilt for Hubby's co-worker. Back in May when Hubby went to the office to work, all the way to Beaune France, he came back and told me his co-worker was excepting. He knew I'd be interested and knew I'd want some time to get a quilt thought up and made. Because I believe every child should have a quilt.

I came up with a plan and I cut into those cute fabrics. I started with big bold pinwheels.
More bad lighting!
Then I made a few stars. I have to say that the pinwheels were much easier! This one star took me an hour to cut, layout and sew. It was so confusing! But the other 3 stars only took an hour. It was just my old brain learning a new trick. Those stars wouldn't have been so bad except for the different colored points.
Then I took those pinwheels and put them together and it came out like this!
My favorite elephant Ellie is featured front and center. I didnt notice that I forgot her flappy ear till I was taking the picture. Don't worry, she has an ear now.
I got it sandwiched one day and finished the quilting last night. Today I'll trim it up and add a binding.

And remember those stars, those also turned into a quilt too. This one will be for the older sister.
I was going for an toddler look for this quilt, not a baby look.
The secondary background pieces to the stars were just as confusing as the stars. That pattern almost kicked my butt! But I'm going to blame it on my lack of sewing for the past 6 months.

Sooooo, my plan is to finish these up this weekend AND ... I'm hoping to hand deliver them. This time I will stowaway in Hubby's luggage if I have to!

Have a Wonderful and Productive Weekend!
Take care, Brandie


Heather said...

So cute. Happy to see you are able to get back to sewing! :)

Createology said...

Lovely and generous gifts you have created. These quilts will be sew very appreciated and loved. Blessings Dear...

Lori said...

Two wonderful quilts Brandy!!

Carrie P. said...

how nice to make both a quilt.