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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ready for the Post

 They are finished! And today they go into the mail. BUT I'm still planning on stowing away in Hubby's luggage.
 Ellie got her ear before the quilting and washing.
She even has a tiny little bug who stowed away behind her ear. That'll be me soon!
I put Minky on the back of both quilts for the cool evenings in France.
I liked the Minky so much I might make it a staple for all my baby quilts. I liked it so much I just might put it on MY next quilt!

I also finished the binding on my Quilt Show quilt and I washed it. It's now being blocked in an upstairs room. I sure hope it comes out with no more waves in it. From what I could see it looked flat but I'm still worried.
Now that it's all done (except the label) I have a desire to start something fun. I've been sketching out a few more patterns and I'm hoping to play with some fabric today. And I wish the same for you!

Take care, Brandie


Createology said...

Brandie Dear Ellie is precious. I love Minky and used it to line a little comfort jacket I sewed. Very cozy! Minky makes wonderful scarves too. Enjoy Falling into Autumn...

Jean(ie) said...

Look at you! Plowing through all those projects! Yippy for you! Love the Ellie. Adorable!

Carla said...

Darling quilts! A bug behind his ear. Too cute!

Jo said...

You can only sneak off to France if you promise to be back for the show!;0) Love the bug behind the ear, too cute and DH's co-worker and kids will be thrilled to have these beauties! Very nice of you!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

This is just adorable... love that floppy ear hiding the bug! I love the feel of Minky too.

Brandi said...

Seriously so cute. I love the details, especially the bug behind the ear. Do you have an Etsy shop? You totally should!