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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I was looking for a little fun. What could be more fun than a super hero cape!
My little nephews were bored with towels that were too big and Mom was afraid they'd choke themselves or each other with something tied around their necks. So Aunt Brandie came to the rescue!
Now we have Super Parker and Super Cameron flying at the speed of light. Can't you tell by the blurry picture?

In retrospect, I may have spent too much time at the machine yesterday. Last night was the worst my back has felt in months. I need to be on a timer! But I wanted to be finished! Oh the struggle within my own head.
Anyway, lots of stretches and less machine time planned today. I need to re-teach myself how to care for my back or I won't be sewing at all.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Take care, Brandie

Good thing I made a pattern for any future capes!

Edit: Having being asked where I found this pattern, I looked and can't find the specific pattern I used. While going through my computer history and searching Google, I saw that there are many patterns out there in, I just cant find the one I used.
BUT I can tell you what I did.
Take a 31" piece of fabric. Fold in half long ways. With the selvages together.
Mark a line at 12" inches (this is the width at the bottom) and a line at 7" (for the neck).
Connect the lines so that you make a taper.
At the neck area, line up a plate or 12" bowl (half the plate) and mark a quarter circle cutout. I made sure that I had a 2" tab on the side of the plate.
Then I just hemmed it. (In the original pattern, she used 2 pieces of fabric and turned it right side out)
Sew velcro on the neck tabs.
For the emblems on the back, I started with a diamond shape. Then I had my Husband draw out a square-ish letter for each boy.
Easy-peasy and they only took about an hour to complete.
And just so you know, if you turn the cape backwards, it makes an excellent bib!


Monica said...

Awesome idea! Consider it stolen. Our grandkids are all coming down to Florida for Xmas...all seven of them! Capes would be great gifts to give the boys.

Gayle said...

How cute!~ I'm planning to make a superhero cape for my grandson's birthday next week - can you tell me what pattern you used for yours?

Heather said...


Jo said...

VERY super! Great ideas

Createology said...

Super Auntie Brandie for making such great capes for your littles. Guard that back and I hope it gets better very soon. Healing Energy Dear...

Carrie P. said...

I bet the kids think you are a super hero. so cute. hope your back gets better quick.