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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pink and Yellow

This is my chair, till Mom comes back, then we'll see
Last week between wedding chores, Mr Gray had his first official vet appointment.
He had his first shots and a check-up. They pronounced him in fine health.
He was also classified as a "Main Coon Cat". He has shares many of their characteristics. Long tail, big feet, long wide nose, uneven fur and hairy ears. They also called him a "blue". So I guess I can't call him Mr Gray anymore?
He weighed in at 2 pounds 15 ounces. Who knows how big he is this week!
He eats everything! Even dog food, which we are trying to stop. And apparently hot tea (mine) is another of his favorites. He really needs to stop that!
 I finally completed my other two "Color Chip Challenge" blocks for our Guild meeting this Thursday. They have been hanging up half done for months now.
If you can't tell, my color chips were pink and yellow.
 This one is my favorite. But it was really hard not to add more color to it! I wanted to add leaves and more flowers. But I was also under a time limit, so I stopped.
A close-up of the flowers
All of this was done with the help of a lumbar kitten.
I don't know why he wanted to be squeezed behind me. But no one ever said cats were sane!

I'm going to try to get back to my Jubilee quilt and see if I can finish that by Thursday afternoon. Wish me luck!

Take care, Brandie


Sharon said...

You've got some great projects going on. Can't wait to see the finished Jubilee, what I saw of the feathers looks wonderful!

Jean(ie) said...

It's kitty version of swaddling...

Createology said...

So happy to hear Mr. Gray/Blue is fine as a fiddle. He is also adorable. Your pink and yellow quilt is beautiful. I have been thinking of a different project in exactly those colors but I will be adding green to mine. It is good to be back in blogland. I was gone and getting older :o)

Donna T said...

Love the pink and yellow quilt; very happy looking! So glad to hear that Dorian is healthy!

Heather said...

Yellow and pink are a favorite combo and these two quilts are both lovely.

sunny said...

I've never heard of a lumbar kitten before! And how awesome that he's a Maine Coon. My dh has always wanted one of those. I'm blad you're finding some time for quilting. It's beautiful!!

Jo said...

Wow ms oa! That makes at least 3 that I can think of. LOVE the quilting on your fav. Well done! I am very happy to have 1 finished. Binding on last night and putting on the label this evening. Finished Karen's quilt today. Looking forward to guild tomorrow and taking Thom Atkins beading class. RU?
Congrats to your cousin and that all had fun at the wedding. That was allot of potato salad!
Dorian the Grey/Blue Maine Coon Cat... that has a ring to it :0)