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Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to Halloween

 While I was trying to sell tickets for our new Opportunity quilt (of course I forgot to take a picture!) I brought along some hand work. Remember how I was going to get this done by Halloween? I'm still going to try, but it just may just be a flimsy. It's been about two weeks since I touched it. I have no idea why, but I'm going to change my ways and be more diligent.
This house is not proportional to that cat and those pumpkins. Silly, it's it?
 I was so excited yesterday morning! I went to go water the garden and I was picking walnuts out of the bed when I spied a bigger green thing. My first Zucchini! I haven't failed as a gardener! I had given up on the plant reproducing. I really thought I bought a barren plant, because it couldn't be me!

So guess what I'm eating for dinner tonight? Something with my zucchini. I haven't decided between, muffins, cakes, fried sticks, chips or bread. It's all making me hungry!
I had anticipated this day and have been Pinning as many recipes as I came across on Pinterst. Now I get to use them! Oh Happy Day!
 Victoria isn't sure what to think of the new fuzzy. I think she's mostly annoyed with him. We have to let them estabish rank in a controlled environment.
This is a hard thing for a kitten to learn but something that must be done for each of their safety.

This weekend I hope to finish more quilting on my Jubilee. I came across a serious problem, puckers! I'm going to have to take out a corner of some quilting and stretch out those puckers before I continue. Not a fun prospect, but something I need to do to be happy with this quilt. And after all the work I put into it, I want the rest to be equally as nice. So I will un-sew, all weekend... woe is me.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Take care, Brandie


Heather said...

Oh man, sorry to hear about the puckers but you will never be happy if you leave them there. Good luck with the unstitching!

Monica said...

So I'm reading away and I see "so guess what I'm eating for dinner tonight?" And before I can read anymore, I notice the bird pic...LOL. Thank you for the unintended giggle.