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Friday, September 14, 2012


I think I have found something better than applesauce. Apple pie filling! Yum!
I had seen a recipe on Pinterest and I decided to try it. I am not disappointed. Yum-O!
I think this will be a staple in my pantry from now on.

I'm giving my hands a rest today. Yesterday I peeled and sliced 20 pounds of apples. I still have another 20, but I'm going to wait a bit.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Take care, Brandie


Linda said...

Yummo is right!!!! 20 POUNDS OF APPLES????? Holy moly...yeah a rest is in order! :-) Or a little reward of some apple pie... :-)

Anonymous said...

wow, you are so domestic, but in a good way! looks yummy

Heather said...

Looks so good!

janieg said...

There is a gizmo, an old one, that clamps to your counter and you turn the handle and.....Walaa, your apple is peeled. I'm nor sure if it cored. It's worth the investment. Less than 30 dollars I believe. They are in grocery stores, hardware stores, this time of year. Gotta save those hands for quilting!

Robin Ebaugh said...

Looks good! I am LOVING your Halloween quilt! Especially with the double cat applique on the roof, LOL.

We've been out of town for a week, visiting all of our grandkids, so I'm just catching up. No time for computers when there are grands to play with and a brand-new baby to hold!

Synthia said...

What???? Where's the recipe?????