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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kitchen Duties

 I'm sorry. I've been neglecting  on my blog. It's that time of year when I seem to have more chores and less time to sewing.
This week I've been in the kitchen whipping up some goodies out of seasonal produce.
 Have too much zucchini? Don't cry, make bread. Then take it to everyone you know. No body turns down bread!
I made regular spicy zucchini bread and a new to me recipe, lemon zucchini bread.
Yummy! I just love Pinterest! They have so many recipes that are new and fun to try.

I had planted my garden hoping to have enough produce to make oodles of yummy foods. I failed with the oodles so I had to go to farmers market and buy the oodles.
I have only had enough tomatoes for a few salads but I keep getting more and more romas every day. They just aren't big enough to can.
I made several quarts of marinara to use at a future date.
I tried my hand at pesto and I have to say, this will be a staple in my freezer!
Tiny romas to the left, big heirlooms to the right
I have more kitchen duties to finish. I'm still working on those apples and I have more home improvements in mind. Fall seems to make me want to nest.

One, I need to finish the painting in the kitchen which means I need to move the frig. I'm not looking forward to that!
Two, I decided to repaint my kitchen floor, black and white. 
Three, I feel the burning need to paint all my interior  doors black (Thanks to Pinterst!). Which means I need to paint my hallway which means I need to un-texture the walls. And while I'm there I should remove the popcorn ceiling. Which I should also do in the kitchen...

Soooo, if I'm not around for awhile, this is what I'm doing.

Take care, Brandie


Teri said...

It all sounds really tasty....what is your pesto recipe....I tried one last year and it was only ok......

Createology said...

Your home must smell fantastic with all that cooking and canning being done. Lemon Zucchini bread sounds very yummy and I can imagine it warm from the oven. Happy cooking...

Jo said...

Oh I have to have the lemon zucchini bread recipe! Please? The best way to give away zucchini is to bake it into bread. A quote from a friend, "the only time people lock their doors in Chico is during zucchini harvest' :0) Our garden did poorly this year as well. Late start plus weird weather. Our tomatoes are just coming in and the squash, melon and pumpkins are gone, overcome with aphid. We have NEVER had an under abundance of zucchini as this year! No need to lock the doors!