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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Weak Post

Just a quick post to let you all know I'm still around.

Last week was super busy! As you may have guessed from the above photo, my Cousin got married. It was a beautiful service and I've never seen her happier, but I'm still exhausted from all the work! I can't imagine how her Mother feels.
We started cooking and making salads on Thursday, two days before the wedding.
Sixty pounds of potatoes don't cook them selves! And it sure doesn't happen in 20 minutes. It took us 6 hours to make 80 pounds of potato salad, really!
My hands were fused into knife handles. I had purple hands from all the onions and cousin Lisa had a yellow hand from all the pickles she cut.

We are all glad it went off without a hitch and glad it's all over!

I'll be back tomorrow with quilty pictures and some of Dorian of course!

Take care, Brandie

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Robin said...

Sounds exhausting!! I'm glad that she's happy, though. I know someone who had thought she'd never find anyone and just wound up finding a great guy. And NO, it's not me. I'm married (35 years) and I guess he's pretty great, LOL.