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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Chaos

I sat down at my machine and I counted out 10 baskets. Found that each row had 9. So then I made another deal with myself and that deal was to do two rows than take a break. So I did and than I came back. There really wasn't must to do on my breaks, as I had just cleaned the entire house for crown molding to base boards, all because I didn't want a delivery man to know I was a slob. So I came back and did two more rows. Than another two. Than I might as well finished because there are just tree rows left. And I did. I finished all the baskets. But really, all I did was stitch around each handle on both sides. Not really that taxing.
But I discover something while doing this. In my random order, I have chaos. I have more than a couple of blocks that are like the other, too close together.
These two blocks of the same pattern, these were the only ones I "know" about. But this was my last couple of rows and I decided that it wouldn't be noticeable. Well now I see these others and those I didn't know about till now.
It's so hard to do random!
Two plaids neighbors
two jelly bean neighbor and these two are almost the same color!
I must have had a hard time placing these two plaids, I put them together twice!
But I just going to live with it. There are more important thing to worry about. Like do I have enough chocolate chips in the freezer. Or is there enough flour to make cookies. You know, important things.
So now I'll just have to get back to the quilting and do the white squares. These many take more time. So I'm totally planning one... row... a... a... time.

Take care, Brandie


Lynn said...

Brandie, you are too funny! Only you will notice that the same fabrics are together. In the grand scheme of just doesn't matter. Now, having enough chocolate chips MATTERS bigtime!

debbie said...

You are making awesome progress. Random means sometimes things alike are near each other.
I don't do cookies (sadly), but I rarely run out of dark chocolate. New favorite cardamom, and red chili and orange! very intense :o0

Anita said...

Done already, that was super quick! If you hadn't mentioned anything I would never have known about the fabric repeats, I look more at color repeats than patterns. I have the hardest time with random. I may start just throwing stuff up in the air and placing them as they fall.

Diane H said...

Love that quilt, Brandie. Yes, only you will focus in on the similar blocks. In one of your earlier posts when the quilt is hanging outside - wow, believe me no one is going to notice. It's stunning.

Anonymous said...

cookies are important...VERY important... as for your similar baskets, don't worry. It's random most of us wouldn't catch that...

Linda said...

Random is very hard for me too!! Love this quilt and I would never have noticed two plaids!! It's just beautiful!