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Friday, June 3, 2011

Lacy Bonnets

Nope, I didn't get the quilt pinned. I'll try again today. But I did make two of the cutest bonnets using up some scraps of lace. Remember that quilt show that my friend Gail and I just went to. The one where she had to foot my bill? At that same stand, Gail found this book on how to make baby girl clothes using hankies. These bonnets came from this pattern, except I didn't have any hankies. So I just cut out a 12 inch piece of white fabric and added laces for the white bonnet. The peachy bonnet is a whole piece of eyelet. How beautiful is that? These will be going to the cousins with the purple quilt tomorrow at the wedding.
I have many plans for this book. I'm going to adopt a new attitude, "If I make them, they will come". That should work, right?
On to other news. The two furrys were getting along great this morning. This is them at about 6:30 am. Don't they look cozy? You know why? Max is upset with me. You know why?
While I took him to the vet yesterday. They weighed him and said he weighed the total of 5.05 lbs.
Well that was before...
Are you getting my analogy here, were I'm using fruit to stand in for something else?
Yeah, he's a little less of a man now and now he weighs 4.45 lbs. He was so sad and whiny last night. I felt so bad denying him his man-hood. I of course it was sad when he cried. I think he is going to be using PugsLee as his surrogate mom instead of me now. And she is actually putting up with it. I think she can sense he's in pain. Poor boy!
Well I'm off, time to get ready and go on a walk. At this moment we have sunny skies, even though we were told that we would have rain till Tuesday. So I going to soak it up while I can.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Take care, Brandie


Anita said...

Those are adorable wee bonnets, and what a great idea to use fabric for the hankies, it opens up much more for possibilities.
I'm very pro spay/neuter your pets to keep the numbers of unwanted animals from being put in shelters and euthanized so I commend you on your decision (however hard it was) to have your little boy fixed. I'm sure that he'll warm up to you again quickly.

Linda said...

Too sweet!!! Loved the analogy!! LOL!