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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Quilting has Begun

What a day yesterday was. First off I had put the kitchen back to rights after the big move. Than I had to find all the fans to keep the air circulating. Fun thing is, I have a drafty house in the winter and a stuffy house in the summer. And let me tell you, summer has hit! Yesterdays temp was 96 outside and 81 in the house. I know there is a better way to cool down this house and move the air, I just can't remember how we did it last year. So now I feel like I'm starting from scratch.
Than I took bio-mom to another non-existent appointment. This one was suppose to be Friday. You know, we never did have to repeat that early morning appointment. Sure don't know what that was about.
Than I went to meet with Gail and we sewed. She was cutting out a baby quilt before a trip down south and I just quilted lines. Pretty boring, do you still want to see?
Every one of the sashing stripes, both sides. But it's done now and now it's time to get to the next step.
Hey, this picture also allows you to see a close-up of that dotted border. I love it!

This is one of my favorite books and I think I found a couple of patterns that I may use.
Also, these are from the Civil War era, so it couldn't be more perfect.
Now to just find the energy to quilt all those squares! I think I'll set a goal for myself of 10 squares a day. I think this is achievable, don't you?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Take care, Brandie


debbie said...

Looking good! Sounds like a reasonable goal to me...on a good day. If it's not working for ya, don't let it bug ya.

Sharon said...

Sounds like a very good goal. I find once I get started, I just keep going. It's the "getting started" that is the issue sometimes. I love that book, great ideas in it.

Carrie P. said...

I just pulled out the same book from you shelf to get ideas on how to quilt my dresdens.

Anita said...

Ug, when it gets hot out I don't think I could manage without our central air. My pocketbook would be better off without it though. We usually try to run it just to cool the house down then turn it off rather than letting it run and run though. Wish I had some keep cool ideas for you.
The dotted border is perfect. It's looking fabulous so far and I think your 10 square goal sounds very attainable. Can't wait to see what you end up doing.

Linda said...

That is a super great book for quilting ideas!!