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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fan Handles

Over the weekend I came to a conclusion, there was no way I was going to do all those little white squares in this quilting pattern. I liked it, really I did. But there was so much stop and go and realigning of the quilt, just to do one square was tiring. So I changed things up, with some help from a friend.
This is the after shot of the new quilting. Lois suggested a fan shape to compliment the handles. I tried it and I liked it. So off I went on a fan weekend. This is so much easier on the back! It's all free-motion and so much less stressful. And my favorite trick, wash and dry the quilt afterwards and it hides so many sins. Line get a little wavy? No problem, just wash it.
It's kind of hard to see, but most of these squares are done. Another thing I figured out, I didn't like the King Tut thread in the first block, so I went with a lighter thread, So Fine. I think this helps the thread blend in better.
Just a subtle crinkle of the quilting.
I also used more of my oven. I hadn't tried all the settings (still haven't) and I needed bread, so...
It was a little cool that day and I needed to raise the dough. First thing set the oven to proofing. It works great! Now I know come winter I can still bake bread in a timely fashion.
Here it is, this oven's first loaf of bread. What a beauty, and it tasted good too!
It even made great grilled cheese sandwiches. There is something about homemade bread that makes the best grilled sandwiches. They get all crispy, not soggy like other bread.
And of course I had to try pancakes out on the griddle too. Guess what? They were perfect too.
I haven't had any complaints about this oven. I am really happy with it and I would recommend it to anyone else in the market for an oven. Just be aware, special ordering it in white may cause a delay!

Now back to busy-ness.
Take care, Brandie


Linda said...

Love the fan design!! Looks so nice on that quilt! Perfect. I agree So Fine always blends into the fabric wonderfully. Breads looks absolutely yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

Brandie, Love the fan shaped handles on the quilting. very nice touch. and boy that bread looks yummy. Lizzie

Chocolate Cat said...

Think you have made a good decision with the quilting , its looks great and sounds less stress for you! That bread looks delicious! Glad you still love your oven.

debbie said...

The quilting looks great! complements the baskets and contrasts the angles of the sashing very nicely.

Yummm!!!! I'll be right over for grilled cheese and pancakes :o)

Anita said...

The quilt is looking lovely. I think I prefer the fan shaped quilting myself.
Mmmmm, fresh bread. I've fond memories of helping my mom make bread.

Diamant said...

Great bread and great quilt. But I'm particularly interested in the fact that you wash the quilt on completion. Do you also wash/shrink the fabric before you do your patchwork ? Or just do it once, at the end? That sounds easier.

Lori said...

That quilting looks great and yes, it would be so much easier to quilt it that way. Way to go!!

How much fun can one woman have with a new stove?! LOL The food looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. It looks fantastic!!!!!!

I love quilting with finer thread. Makes all the difference.