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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gardens Three

This last set of pictures is the last three gardens together. Two of them were just same around the house gardens that didn't have must interest. But the last one did, Oh My!
The last house was a log cabin, shaped like a barn, set back on top of a woody hill. I didn't think I liked log cabins, but this one was beautiful. I'd take this in a heart beat if they gave it to me!
So lets start the tour with one of my favorite flowers. The beautiful and deadly, Foxglove.
I don't know if I love these plants for their beauty or maybe because I can't seem to grow them. Maybe because I read a mystery that centered around a Foxglove poisoning. I don't know what it is, but I find these plants mysterious and beautiful.

And I also like bugs. Outside that is. Not touching me! And at a distance.
We almost walked into this guys web.
And in the background you can see the corner of the log cabin, beautiful! Right?

The cabin had a pond in the front, right under the spider web. The Koi were sooo big... no, really they were. But I had a hard time capturing them without glare.

I thought this was a beautiful way to grow tomatoes. If only I had a structure like this, I could grow the most beautiful tomatoes. maybe...
More of my favorite. With a few others.
This was the most spectacular Clematis I've ever seen, a double bloom, maybe even a triple!
And again with the Foxglove.
Just because I'm stubborn, I may have to buy a Foxglove and try again. I'll try them in a different area in the yard and see what happens.
This concludes 2011's Garden Tour. Tomorrow I'll show you the little bit of sewing I've accomplished. And if you were wondering, I did get the house back in order and Maximus is doing fine. He has been adapting quite well to his lack of man-hood. He has even gotten use to sitting by himself, but not to the vacuum. We've been working on that everyday and he isn't happy with that yellow machine being in the same room as him. Hopefully today his Mommy will be back in town and life can get back to normal around here.

So take care, I'll be back tomorrow,


Anita said...

Love the Koi pond, so pretty, and that tomato trellis, wow, I totally want one!

Linda said...

More gorgeous pics!!