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Monday, June 6, 2011

Garden One

After a busy weekend, I'm glad to be here, right in front of my computer. Friday night I put the finishing touches on the wedding dress I was working on. As usual, I put it off till the last moment, hoping it would take care of it's self. Didn't happen.
The dress held up the whole time. We were all glad that there were no wardrobe malfunctions! One thing I've learned from this is to say"NO". I'm going to practice everyday in front of the mirror, NO, NO, NO. I will not be the go-to-girl any more. Hubby says I need to show incompetence, to stop being good at anything. So please help me with that.

Sunday we had an ever so brief re-peeve from the rain, just long enough for a three hour tour, a garden tour that is.
The first house was down toward the cannon and the house over looks it. Quite breathe taking. This first pick was just to show you how wonderful broken cement could look with a bit of green growing between the cracks. I'm putting this on my mental list of things to do.
This fabulous room would look wonderful in my yard. I'm thinking of convincing my Boy to weld me one.
Another view of that gorgeous room.
Lady Bug, Lady Bug, fly away home...
Yet another room, this one is for the roses.
And this is what Paradise is all about. Click the pic to make it bigger and look at the wonderful view. What a beautiful thing to wake up to.
Same view, just closer to the house. Because the house is built on a slope, it has many levels. I believe I was on level two looking out to the cannon. This time of year, the woods are still so green. Though it makes you wonder how much wildlife comes to visit them being this close to those woods.
I'm still babysitting that wee ball less boy. I've noticed that I haven't done much but hold him. Is this because he's lonely, cold or miss part of his anatomy? Either way, I've got to get something done, My house looks like a big dog bed. Little hairs every where, toys scattered across every room and a sink full of dirty dishes. What a mess!
So I'm off, hopefully to clean house, except someone just came to sit on me. Oh Well!

Take care, Brandie


debbie said...

As to the sewing, I tell people I only make flat things like quilts. Only iron flat things like fabric too!
I use to go to Home Depot in FL and buy broken concrete pavers for about 5 cents each. I don't like the look of stepping pavers, but do very much like the look of stepping stones. Not many free flat stones in FL, but many many broken pavers in HD. I planted dwarf mondo grass between mine. In no time at all they looked almost like stepping stones, and I didn't feel the need to move them to MD when I left since they weren't real stones. I do have a thing for stones, rocks and boulders. It's a WV mountain girl thing :o)
I have a friend who made copper trellis with plumbing supplies. It never rusts and ages to a lovely patina. Of course the price of copper is outrageous right now, but maybe you could find a scrap yard and buy it used? Soldering copper fittings is easier than welding steel, especially if you're not concerned with it not leaking as in household water pipes! Thanks for the garden tour :c)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh I love grass or moss peeking through cracks.

Linda said...

Gorgeous pics! Nice that the rain let up enough for you to enjoy!!

Anita said...

Oh my what a lovely tour, I am super envious! Glad the dress turned out well. :-) I myself am mastering the art of "No". . . Good luck with that, it's harder than it sounds.

Lori said...

Wow, what a lovely view and gardens. I am assuming they have a gardner?! LOL