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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Small Finishes

I actually did it! I found the time, between kitty duty, to get both of these quilts done. Nothing fancy, but I like them. I backed the mouse quilt with a pretty yellow and just stitched in the ditch.
The pink one may still be my favorite. I think I'm going to do another like this, maybe two. I have to get cracking soon, as I know of three babies due around August. I really like this block and I think it would be smashing in blue scraps! And I know just who to go to who has a lot of blue. Gail has the biggest blue stash I've ever seen. Hehehehe, say that fast and it sounds kind of funny!
On the kitty front, we have found a home for one and have an appointment to take the other three to see an young girl who wants two for a Mother's Day gift.
Cat wrangler I'm not. I chased this kitty, the biggest, all around the table. I'm surprised this picture actually took. he was a little crazy, looking for food.
This is one of two twins. One is a female and the other is a male. Takes the only way to tell them apart.
Since their first day with us, Monday, they have already put on some weight. They are still bony backed and their ribs still are showing, but they tummies are always full now and the boniness is getting less noticeable.
I just hate to think of what would have happened to them if we hadn't seen the bag. I'm glad we did because they sure are cute little things. PugsLee doesn't know what to think of them. That big guy hisses at her whenever she passes by. Of course you have to be really close to hear it, it sounds like a small leek. But he sure makes himself tall!

Back to that lavender and green quilt. I'm hoping to see the Mommy this weekend, so I need to crack the whip and get busy.
Take care, Brandie


debbie said...

The quilts and kitties are both too sweet. Kind of glad I don't live close enough to take one, or I'd be veeerrry tempted.

Linda said...

Applause!!! Congrats on your finishes!!! I am amazed. Pretty sure you don't sleep! LOL! I just love those kittens. I swear I would have at least one if I lived within driving distance!

Anita said...

So cute! Love the sunshiny quilt the most thought. I adore kitties, so glad you're finding them good homes.

Anonymous said...

Ok now I see the kittens. They are cute! and that pink quilt makes me wonder if anyone would notice if I switched my son due in july for a girl...we'll just keep it a secret! Lol..the blue/yellow is adorable too and the mouse print definitely helps it along. I'm glad someone is making cute stuff for boys, it's hard to find.