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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Quick Finish

I don't know if it was the bad weather that jump started me or that I told you I wouldn't be back till I had something to show you. What ever is was, I have been finishing things and I actually feel as if I've accomplished something.
Monday after my last post, I finished up a UFO that has been laying around. I've been putting it off and may actually have been too scared to finish it.
This is it, 2 antique napkins on dupioni silk, with a few vintage buttons thrown in.
(stay tuned for crappy pictures)
Obviously a Valentine theme.
Just a close up of a swirly heart.
And of the napkin detail. I started this months back. I'm going to hazard a guess and say February. All I needed to do was finish the quilting on the silk. I don't know if I was scared of the silk or what. But either way I'm glad to have this done and out of my way.
Tomorrow I have another UFO to show you.
Ultimately, I think I was avoiding the job I was really suppose to be doing and these UFO were nothing compared to that job. What job you ask? An alteration in a wedding dress. Why you ask? Because I don't know how to say "NO" and it was assumed. You all know what assume stays for, right? I'm the ass.
So I hope to Goodness that todays fitting will be the last and I can get this wedding dress out of my house. If not, I have till June 4 to keep faking my way through it.
The dress looks pretty good on Antoinette. I may show you pics next week, unless I go crazy and rip the dress apart and say what I really feel! That would be one way to never have to do this again. My Husband says I need to show incompetence. Too late... the damage has already been done.
Wish me luck

Take care, Brandie

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