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Monday, May 2, 2011

Gold Nugget Parade

This Saturday was our towns local tradition, Gold Nugget Days. We have been doing this as long as I can remember and even longer than that. The festivities start with the Queen contest on Thursday, a bean feed and bar-B-Q on Friday. Saturday is the Donkey Derby, where contestants and their donkeys hike out of the canyon with 54 pounds strapped to the donkey, to relive the struggle 128 years ago. Than there is the parade, which I haven't been to in many a year. I may have been missing out!

Every year I would drop off the family, come home and clean house (we all know how much easier it is to clean without people in the way). I like my quiet time and the only reason I went this year, is it support Destinie.

I found out what funnel cake is. I had a basket of curly fries that were cut using a drill and one of the best hamburgers ever! I've been missing out!

I also learned that we woman may put some strange things in our purses, but men put strange things in saddle bags!
I was told this little guy prefers to be in the saddle bag than to walk along side. Silly dog!

I have a picture of the winning dress this year. This is a bustle dress, instead of a hoop. Both dresses were in vogue around that time.
Another bustle dress.
A ball gown.
The blue dress had the most amazing lace collar. They found the collar in one of our 25 local antique stores.
This was another of my favorites. But that may be because I like plaids!
And this beautiful lady was our Grand Marshall of the year. Her dress was beautifully made and just gorgeous up close.
So now you've all been to the best part of the Parade and I promise not to talk about it till next year!
Tomorrow I'll get back to quilting and we will only discuss quilting things. Thank you for taking a slight detour with me.
Tomorrow I'll be back with the red village. Today I'm adding borders.
Till Tuesday...
Take care, Brandie


ranette said...

I have enjoyed every minute of watching you make the dress and I love seeing the pictures of all of the contestants. It's also great for you to share all aspects of your life, that's what friends do....thank you Brandie!

debbie said...

Thanks for sharing your home town events! I've enjoyed it very much. My home town Grafton WV is where Mother's day was first celebrated. I think they need to have a parade, where moms are driven through town, lol.
It's also the sight of the first National Cemetary. Every Memorial Day there is a parade. It use to be big, but I think there is less participation these days. Every school child was required to march in the parade, dressed in white, and carrying an American flag. We carried boquets of flowers to the cemetary and put them on the graves. One year I found the grave of my Great Grandfather and put my flowers onhis grave.
I enjoy history and traditions. Thanks again for sharing. I've loved seeing the dresses!

Lori said...

What gorgeous dresses. You had some stiff competition! it looks like they take yards and yards of fabric. Wow!
It sure sounds like a fun time and sunny skies!!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Brandie, Awesome dress! it was a beautiful day wasn't it? And the houses quilt! just the best! Congratulations all around. Now go take a nap! Under that pretty quilt! xo Pam