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Monday, May 16, 2011

Quilt Show Inspiration

I'm back! I finally have something to show you. Last week I didn't do anything, in fact I spent one day with my eyes closed.
My eyes have been tired a lot lately and so I went to the optometrist. While there they insisted I have my eyes dilated! I hate this part! You spend the rest of the day afraid of light. You shouldn't even drive. You can't read. You can't sew. Really, you can't do much of anything.
So that accounts for one day. The other days, I was just lazy!

Anyway back to why I'm back. I went to a quilt show. My friend Gail and I went out of town to Red Bluff to see their show. I took a few pictures, hopefully to inspire all of us.

This first picture shows us that our hezies don't have to be perfectly rounded. This was a challenge quilt. As you can see by the ribbons, it was the favorite.
I thought this was a great way to use scraps. I haven't seen this pattern before and so I snapped the picture as a reminder.
This little lady, and I do mean little, was the featured quilter, Charlaine Brians. She was so cute and I swear, all but one of her quilts were hand-quilted! She was so sweet! I know you can't see it, but the big white background is a hand-quilted whole-cloth. She was also posing with a miniature and a beautiful table runner.
This quilt is also Charlaine's and it was right up my alley. If any quilt could have followed me home, this would have been it. Beiges and acorns, what could be better. Also hand-quilted.
This is her friendship quilt.
This was her vest. That sunflower in the middle was smaller than my fist. Of course that little lady was smaller than me everywhere. She told us that she always likes to do something with her hands. From quilting, knitting to tatting. She was even tatting as she waited. Too cute!
I don't remember who made this, but I liked the brown and pink fabric. Just another inspiration, Christmas is just around the corner.
And this one was too silly to not inspire. Silly penguins.
This was a wedding quilt. How exciting would it be to receive this? It was beautiful!
And this little guy was just a tad bigger than a sheet of paper. That's crazy!
It was a good show. The best part? The goodies I bought, but you'll have to wait till tomorrow. I need to get all those fabrics put away!
Till tomorrow, Brandie


Linda said...

Oooohhhh can't wait to see your goodies! I love the little parade. I love all the appliqué quilts!

Lynn said...

I would get married all over again (to the same person) if someone would give me the Wedding quilt! Gorgeous!

debbie said...

Thanks for the "Quilt Show"! I've not been sewing for the last few days. Today was groom the two big hairy dogs day. Baths, nails clipped, and brushed. Tabitha was shedding so bad, and I made a mess of her by not brushing her before bathing. Her fine under coat was everywhere and looked like little pieces of felt! My son, his fiance, and her mom are coming from TX this weekend to make more wedding plans! Way to exciting...but I do hope to sew all of the blocks together that are on the design wall. It's a warm wishes quilt.