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Friday, May 21, 2010

Small projects

Yesterday I finished up a couple of small projects that have been in the back of my mind. First I pulled out some fabric for a baby quilt. I had this yellow with rose buds and I thought it would look great with that yellow and green bag. So after cutting into it, I made up some simple blocks. Hopefully today I might get it sandwiched.
Do you remember the Dresden bags? I wasn't happy with the points being cut off. So I reworked it and came up with a solution. Gussets around the zipper and the zipper on the hump. Now I'm happy.
I also finished up my BFF's bag. She wanted one that was smaller than the others. After consulting my first Guinea pig, cousin Nikki, we decided that there should be an outside pocket. So I added that to this bag, sorry it's on the other side. There are a couple of inner pockets and another zippered pouch. Nikki says that her bag is functional and that she uses it everyday. I'll have to see what Kittefish says. I think that we each have a certain thing that we like in a bag that others might not. This will be a work in progress to find the perfect bag, By the time I'm through, it'll look like Homer Simpson's car. Big and ugly!
Here is the finished quilt top. I'm hoping that this weekend I'll get to it.
div> Yesterday I showed you my secret ingredient. I was asked where I buy it. I buy it when ever I see it, but mostly I buy it at Williams-Sonoma. If you have a gourmet shop, you might try to see if they carry it with their spices.
Have a great day!
Take care, Brandie

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