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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chores and all

Well I did manage to complete some chores. I also completed a couple of Dresden bags.
3 bags and many more to make. Today I need to buy zippers, to finish up this project.
I think they are cute. But not cute enough to keep me from that book. Last night I read 16 chapters, 290 pages, before my eyes and head started aching so much. I had to stop and take some pills. So today will be the same pattern. Chapter = chores
I was so involved in my book, I forgot to wish a friend Happy B-Day. I feel terrible about that. Specially when I tell you that my school was so small, there were only us 4 girls. And I forgot her day when it is only 14 days after mine. What a terrible friend I am, and what a good book!
If you have read the other 2 books, this book is even better. Do not hesitate to read it. It's that good. Well I've got to go, chores and all...
Take care, Brandie


Library Gal Quilts said...

Wow. That is a good book I'd say! What a darling project Brandie! Now get on those chores gal! :) Pam

Debbie in Chico/Sacto said...

You are too much. How do you do it all? Cute bags. Will you be there Thurs night? Bring one to share if you are. Txs,

ranette said...

I just cannot believe how much you get done....I play the reward game with myself too :o) Work on the house for an hour=sew for 2

I just started listening to the "book" yesterday. Not far enough into it yet to be captivated though.

Oh I LOVE the bags...I may have to try to make one. I don't think I've ever made a dresden plate, but I want to.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Brandi, Check out this site, Your art is very similar. Lizzie