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Monday, February 8, 2010


Yesterday was a beautiful day. the sun was shining and air, almost warm. The family went to lunch and we caught a rainbow. It was a wonderful day.
Paradise is about 20 miles above the city of Chico. Every time you leave Paradise, you drive past a little canyon. But do you stop and say "AWE"? Not often, but yesterday we did and it was worth it.
The rainbow that made us pause and open our eyes. Can you see it? I've learned that it is very hard to capture everything on a camera. Our eye sees it, but the camera doesn't.

Standing on the top of the cliff, trying to take a pic of that rainbow.
I do believe this is the first bee of the season. I only hope she doesn't get caught in the next storm.
Another view, this one is to the left. A beautiful day and I'm glad I stopped and took a breathe.
Take care, Brandie

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ranette said...

Glorius pictures Brandie!!! I saw the rainbow...woohoo. You are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country.