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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another view

I just have to show you the moon from last night. PugsLee was taking her nightly constitutional, I happened to look up the naked dogwood and stared right into the Man-in moon's eye. Of course the camera doesn't pick up the mans eye, but it does show the haze or some might call it fog. Beauty, even at 10 pm. We are all lucky to live with such glorious beauty.

Ok, off my box and on to the quilt show.
This is my revision of "A cottage Garden". This was Morning Stars 1st applique club quilt. We were all to do the same project. This is mine. And I'll let you know a secret, I don't follow the rules.
This is the original pattern. I added a living creature to each of the blocks. I also made the house and HATED it. I thought that the flowers being bigger than the house was too silly and I said it looked like a "Jack & the Beanstalk" house. So guess what? That's what I did.
This was the quilt I gave my favorite cousin. She had been trying to get pregnant for years and finally it happened. I was thrilled for her, and still am.
I went a little crazy with the giants foot. He has a yarny foot. In my imagination, all giants have hairy feet and toes. I stopped at the dirty toe nail. I didn't what the baby to have a foot phobia.
I even composed a silly poem, but it was and is heartfelt. I'm just not a poet.

So the moral of this story is, even an ugly block can turn into something beautiful (at least in my eyes). And speaking of ugly, check out Debbies sunflower (those were her words, not mine).

Take care, Brandie


Karen said...

I can see that you don't follow rules. But you came up with a really pretty version of the quilt with your own touches shining through.

Debbie in Chico/Sacto said...

More fabulous quilts by Brandie. Thanks for sharing!

ranette said...

I really like that you change things up and make them "yours". After almost 22 years quilting I am finally becoming less afraid of the quilt police and doing my own thing. I am just a rule/direction follower by nature I guess, but I admire people like you Brandie!