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Monday, February 1, 2010


This weekend my MIL and I took a truffle making class. It was a lot of fun and boy did it taste great! Our teacher is a local Chocolatier, with a shop in down town Paradise. She was a very knowledgeable teacher. Did you know that each American consumes 12 lbs. of chocolate every year, while the Swiss consume 22 lbs.? Americans always get the bad rap about our bad eating habits and our percentage of over weight people, but we eat less chocolate. Hmm. Doesn't seem right.
So here is our teacher showing us how the Ganache looks when it's ready to use. She had pre-made 3 different kinds of Ganache. 2 dark chocolates, 1 milk and 1 white chocolate.
After the Ganache was release from the pan, we rolled them into balls. Pretty easy right? Only if your hands are cold, like my MIL's. All her truffles looked round. Mine, not so much, That's why I only have a pic of her truffles.
This is the one thing about my MIL being with me, that I don't always like. She takes pictures of me all the time. Most of the pictures show me with my eyes rolled back and my mouth wide open. I'm not a good subject to snap pics of. But she did capture 1 pic of me looking almost normal. But her camera does this weird thing to my body, it adds like 50 extra pounds!
(You can also see what I meant about the lack of sun)

These are my truffles done. We than rolled the Ganache in all sorts of things. Powdered sugar, cocoa, ground coffee, raw sugar, nuts and coconut.

My MIL's truffles all packacged and ready to go.
A close up of mine. I didn't package mine. I knew it would be a waste. And it was, these trufflles aren't around any more. They disappeared in 2 days, like I knew they would. It was a fun class and if she has more classes, I'll be there.
Take care, Brandie


Debbie in Chico/Sacto said...

How funny. I'm signed up to take a gourmet truffle class next month in Sacramento. Yours look great!

ranette said...

It looks like you all had a great time...I bet it smelled wonderful in your class, yummy!

I think the picture of you is great!