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Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Work

 I wanted you all to see the finished quilt. It's a new favorite and I'm so glad I copied Jo's idea! If she hadn't started a tree of life quilt, this quilt may not have existed. I'm sew glad she did because this is in my top favorite, even though hers is sooo much better!
 The simple quilting add to this quilt and give it an antique look (MHO) which I really love.
It took several mouths to make, but it sew was worth it!

Now lets talk about the dresdens!
 As you can see I have a layout. The color isn't showing to its true brilliance so just believe me when I say it's soft and colorful.
 I added a periwinkle flag (Thanks Lynn) around each dresden and then a small border of more black. I auditioned several fabrics to be a border and none of them fit the bill. So I just went back to my trusty black fabric.
I'm thinking maybe I'll have to quilt it with a colored thread? That kind of scares me but maybe this is what this quilt needs. I'm not going to worry about this now, I've got months to think. And maybe if I put it away like the trees it will just age beautifully and the quilting idea will just pop into my head. I'm liking this idea of aging quilts!
 Besides the sewing going on this weekend, we also found 4 more kitties.
The only kitty who wasn't scared of the camera
We trapped mommy and her babies, after several hours and several attempts.
This is a new cat and we suspect that she was dropped off. She isn't as feral as many we've caught.
There are two little striped ones, a gray one with 4 white boots and nose and a very fuzzy gray calico.
My guess is that they are around 4-5 weeks. They are eating solid food and mom seems to have dried up. These poor little guys were so hungry that Hubby scruffed one and picked it up. The poor kitty was caught unawares! But we will tame them and find them good homes.
In about a month they'll be adoptable, If you are local and would like a kitty, let me know!

Have a wonderful Monday!
Take care, Brandie


Sharon said...

Coming from a longarm quilter, grid lines are NOT an easy way out, but I think it looks exceptional on lots of quilts. Ruler and template work really show off the piecing, vs an all over quilt pattern. Great job!

Shay said...

Your tree quilt is fantastic.

And those Dresdens are making my heart sing- LOVE LOVE LOVE them on a non traditional background.

I find aging quilts often results in beautiful finishes.

Jean(ie) said...

I love the ring around the drezzies. And the tree quilt. Grid quilting is NOT the easy way out! Nosiree...
Are you becoming the crazy cat lady? :-)

Carla said...

Worth the months of work to be sure. I really like the cross hatch quilting. Very sweet dresdens. You are on your way to another stunning quilt.
Poor kitties!

Lori said...

You are such a sweetheart to care for the little kitties.

As for your quilt- WOWSWER! It is super fantastic. I love the quilting!!

Janet said...

Love the quilt! But then I've loved that since you started it.

Seriously, tho, bless you for helping Mom and babies.

Jo said...

Thank you Brandie, not better, different! I love yours! The Dresdens are looking good, great choice and LOVE your fussy cutting!

Carrie P. said...

WOW! your tree quilt turned out just fabulous! congrats on an awesome finish.
Lovin' those dresdens too.

Dee said...

Your tree quilt turned out great! It looks wonderful hanging there. As for your Dresdens, I love the addition of the periwinkle surrounding each one.